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Size variety, filling precision and only half the footprint of conventional filling lines, are just three of the advantages of the new Schubert bottling line commissioned by a German cosmetics manufacturer.

Size variety, filling precision and only half the footprint of conventional filling lines – these are just three of the advantages of the new Gerhard Schubert GmbH bottling line commissioned by a German cosmetics manufacturer in February 2014.

A solution which maximizes the potential of TLM filling technology was devised in close cooperation between the brand-name manufacturer and Schubert.

In February 2014, a TLM bottling line for shampoo, shower gel, lotions and oils was commissioned by a German cosmetics manufacturer. Now, the company can handle a large variety of sizes without a large footprint:

  • Bottle shapes: oval, round, angular, asymmetrical;
  • Upside-down bottles (tottles), which can be turned after filling and capping;
  • Sizes: 100- to 1,000-ml;
  • Transparent, semi-transparent and colored plastic bottles, add-on for glass bottles provided;
  • Caps and closures: screw caps, flip-top caps, snap-on caps, plugs (inserts), dosing/spray pumps.

“Less is more” when it comes to bottling cosmetics.

Using intelligent control and robots with exchangeable tools, Schubert has achieved a simple mechanical design that makes the line flexible, enables it to accommodate a great variety of sizes and ensures short conversion times.

The cosmetics manufacturer was able to cut conversion times in half and has reported very short restart times. The space requirement for the new line is also about 50 percent less than before. The room-filling machine and conveyance landscape is a thing of the past.

Gravimetric dosing saves a considerable amount of product, because it’s very precise. The filling precision across all filling positions is currently between 0.05 and 0.15 percent, depending on the product being filled.

TLM technology enables high-capacity, high-efficiency line solutions. 120 bottles can be output every minute, or in the case of extremely viscous products, 100 bottles per minute.

The units do not need to be removed and disassembled in order to clean the line or change the product. The TLM line provides an automatic Clean-In-Place program (CIP).

In comparison to the cosmetics manufacturer’s previous solution, the TLM line takes about 30 per cent less time to clean. The company has reduced its annual consumption of cleaning fluid by about 800-kg and water by around 150,000-liters.

As for the TLM bottling machine itself—Schubert calls it record-setting:

  • High overall efficiency;
  • One operator console for all sub-functions;
  • Requires about 50 percent less space;
  • Filling error under 0.2 per cent (depending on the product and bottle size);
  • Wide variety of bottle shapes and cap types;
  • Size conversion: twice as fast as with conventional systems;
  • Easy and fast cleaning (CIP);
  • Gentle handling, preserves bottle quality;
  • No pucks, low-noise.

Check out the video below of a Schubert TLM cosmetic packaging line with eight individual Schubert machines placed together and connected electrically, pneumatically and mechanically.

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