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August 14, 2018

Paper + Packaging Board brings mascots into Canadian market

BRAMPTON, Ont. – The Canadian Corrugated and Containerboard Association (CCCA) has struck an agreement with the Paper + Packaging Board (PPB), an American organization that promotes the use of paper-based packaging, to use the latter’s media assets in the Canadian market.





Whale of a time turns ocean plastic waste into art

Giant sculpture of a breaching blue whale built out of plastic waste for Belgian art show.

Spicing Things Up

North American one-stop print, paper and paper-related products distributor shows off its game changing skills and partners at Open House event

PMMI awards student scholarships

PMMI Scholarship awarded to students at two-year colleges in U.S.

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Ipex Management Inc.

A global leader in thermoplastic piping systems, IPEX Inc. manufactures a wide variety of fittings, pipes and valves. A proudly Canadian company with mo...

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Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments sells pressure measurement and control testing equipment that can help you accurately determine a range of pressure-based environment...

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Frasers Product
Insulating Bushings
M M Plastic (Mfg) Co Inc

MM Plastic (Mfg) Co. Inc. provides insulating bushings of all types. We excel at the custom design and manufacturing of plastic components. Due to our h...

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