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JumboFlex 50 has lifting power

New from vacuum specialist Schmalz comes the JumboFlex 50 tube lifter for ergonomic hand-controlled product manipulation up to 50-kilograms.

June 25, 2014
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Vacuum specialist Schmalz is rounding out its series of tube lifters that feature one-hand operation for frequent, fast movement of light goods with the new JumboFlex 50, offering a maximum load of 50-kilograms.

Following on the proven JumboFlex 20 and JumboFlex 35, Schmalz now offers the right handling solution for every small load up to 50-kg.

The innovative addition to the JumboFlex 50 is the new operator handle. Schmalz’ engineers developed it in cooperation with the Ergonomics faculty at the Technischen Universität München (Technical University of Munich), and adapted it to the heavier load.

The redesigned button can be controlled with either one or two fingers. In combination with the larger soft touch inserts on the control handle, this allows users to precisely and safely handle loads of up to 50-kg with one hand.

The reduction in the unit’s overall height also allows a greater lifting force. Proven features of the tube lifters JumboFlex 20 and 35, such as the intuitive operation for right or left-handed users and the precise control of lifting speed, have been retained.

Different suction pads are available for various applications. These suction pads can be replaced easily and without using tools thanks to the standard integrated quick-change adapter – an important advantage in a market segment in which frequently changing transport goods are part of everyday business. The round suction pad is used for handling barrels and buckets. Double and quadruple suction pads are used for handling wooden panels, metal sheets and other large workpieces.

The sack gripper can transport plastic and paper sacks as well as baggage safely and reliably. Even small load carriers and commercially available boxes weighing up to 50-kg can be lifted and transported ergonomically with the JumboFlex 50. In addition, workpieces can be picked up from the sides, which further expands the range of applications.

The suction pads, which can be swiveled by 90°, then automatically bring the load into the horizontal position after handling. The tube lifter JumboFlex 50 is also available in a special A2 version for use in the food and beverage industry.

The JumboFlex 50’s different suction pads can be switched easily thanks to the quick-change adapter.

The JumboFlex 50’s different suction pads can be switched easily thanks to the quick-change adapter.

An electrical pump with a suction rate of 67-meters3/h (50-Hz) or 80-m3/h (60-Hz) is responsible for vacuum generation. With the optional radio remote control SRC, the operator can switch the vacuum generator on and off directly on the operator handle. This reduces energy consumption by up to 40 percent. The maximum lift speed is one-m/second.

The continuously rotatable lifting unit, which is attached to the crane system, ensures optimal handling and a high level of flexibility in daily use. Together with Schmalz’ responsive aluminum cranes, the JumboFlex 50 is the perfect handling solution for quick goods handling that combines energy efficiency, ergonomic conditions and simple operation.

Schmalz is a worldwide leader of automation, handling and clamping systems, providing customers in numerous industries with innovative, efficient solutions based on vacuum technology.

Its products are used in a wide variety of production processes – for example, as grippers on robot arms in the production of car bodies, in CNC machining centers as clamping solutions for furniture pieces, or used by an operator to lift items ranging from boxes to solar modules.

Customers can choose from a diverse line of components or from a complete solution that is custom-tailored to their requirements.

Headquartered  headquartered in the Black Forest region of Germany in Glatten, it has subsidiaries in 15 other countries—including a Canadian one situated in Mississauga, Ont.—with sales partners in over 50 other countries, employing about 800 people worldwide.

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Images courtesy of J. Schmalz GmbH.

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