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Gerald and Ralf Schubert named co-chief executive officers

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General adhesive Gerhard Schubert GmbH gluing International Packaging Systems IPS packaging machinery

Naming brothers to head Schubert sons ensures company direction as a family business.

Crailsheim, GERMANY—When Gerhard Schubert presented his first hot-melt box erecting and gluing machine to the public 46 years ago via his company Gerhard Schubert GmbH, his sons Gerald and Ralf were only two- and five-years-old, respectively.

It was the beginning of a success story in many ways as that box erecting and gluing machine was followed by a series of technical highlights including the world’s first packaging robot, Schubert’s own packaging machine control unit, the first F44 picker line and the TLM—the world’s first top-loading packaging machine installed on an assembly line. This trend has continued up to the TLM transmodule, the world’s first transport robot.

Even today, Gerhard Schubert remains a tireless and imperturbably independent pioneer. These characteristics of its founder have made Gerhard Schubert GmbH a global market leader in its field thanks with a group of companies with more than 900 employees worldwide.

But Gerhard Schubert can be particularly proud of another achievement. His sons have been shaped by their father’s genes and have been active within the company for more than 20 years. Gerhard Schubert has now appointed them chief executive officers.


Gerald Schubert (48) has a degree in mechanical engineering and headed up the Schubert subsidiary IPS (International Packaging Systems) before assuming the role of Schubert sales division manager.

Ralf Schubert (51), graduated in computer sciences and leads the Technical Office and Assembly Division.

This proven management team is completed by Peter Gabriel as commercial director and Peter Schneider as the head of the Materials Management Division. Gerhard Schubert will retain his overall management role and continue to devote himself to the Marketing Department.

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Mr. Gerhard Schubert with his two sons, Mr. Ralf Schubert (left) and Mr. Gerald Schubert (right).


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