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Spicing things up

McCormick's flavor du jour hits all the right notes.

October 27, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Consumer tastes du jour may often come and go with the wind, it seems, but staying ahead of them while they matter has kept venerable spice producer McCormick & Company Canada Co. firmly perched on top of the food chain in its industry segment for over 120 years.

This knack for responding to consumer demand in timely manner has served the company well in the Canadian marketplace, where its London, Ont.-based McCormick Canada subsidiary has just launched a new, limited-time Club House Roasted Chili and Tamarind spice mix in the company’s signature, 120-gram plastic spice jars decorated with attractive, highly legible labels designed by the Toronto-based branding specialists Forthought Design Inc., and converted by Vaughn, Ont.-based labeling producer ASL PrintFX.

Combining zesty pops of spicy, sour and herbal flavors often used in North African and Asian cuisines, the new blend of slow-roasted chili peppers, sweet fragrant spices, and the tangy citrus flavor of tamarind with a dash of red pepper heat was inspired by the company’s own McCormick Flavor Forecast barometer—used for the last 10 years to forecast the incoming flavor trends for the year ahead.

Containing no MSG (monosodium glutamate), artificial flavors or colors or transfats, each bottle of Roasted Chili and Tamarind seasoning blend features a unique peel-back label that is filled with recipes best-suited for this spice blend, including Quick Shrimp Stir-Fry, Roasted Chili and Tamarind Rice, Beef Rendang (Malaysian Beef Stew), Roasted Chili and Tamarind Dressing, Lentil Soup, and Coconut Chicken.

Originally launched in 2008 under the Club House La Grille brand, the Club House Limited Edition flavors have been a big hit with the Canadian consumers, according to McCormick Canada, who have shown themselves to be willing and eager to embrace an increasingly global palette of flavors from around the world.

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