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See video: Servo motors ensure reliable and repeatable corrugated tray forming for retail-ready cases

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“Our customers are looking for everyday repeatable case-packaging automation”

So says Mike “Parky” Parkinson, Product Manager for IPAK Product, at OEM Wexxar Bel. “We manufacture best in class semi- and fully-automatic case sealers, Dekka tape heads and fully automatic IPAK tray formers.” He continues, “We’re doing our job when we take the focus off the customer’s plant employees and put the liability on to the machine.”

To ensure seamless machine performance, “we use Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive servo motors,” adds Davis Huang, IPAK Engineering Manager. He says, “We design the most compact tray formers in the market that can adapt to the largest variety of corrugated tray formats possible.”

In the manufacturing plant, Mike Parkinson demonstrates how easy data entry and use of the HMI system on the IPAK TF385 model tray former channels flat, die-cut corrugate boards from the Bosch Rexroth servo motor-driven delivery station through to the compression station, where a second Bosch Rexroth motor-driven mandrel forms rollover trays, which are destined for agricultural produce displays for retail-ready applications in big box stores. Speeds up to 40 boxes formed per minute can be achieved.

Christopher McGregor, Account Development Manager at Bosch Rexroth, contributes: “We have a global team of engineers that allows us to deliver scalable drives and automation products that deliver the power and efficiency our customers need.”

Parkinson concludes, “As we look ahead for the drive and automation needs of our customers, Bosch Rexroth will be right there with us.”

See full automation at work. Watch the video.


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