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Creemore wins big at World Beer Championships Packaging Competition

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Creemore Collection and Mad & Noisy’s two brews take home 10 medals in five categories.

Creemore, ON—Fresh after Canada’s impressive showing at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Creemore Springs Brewery continues the gold rush.

The Beverage Tasting Institute (BTI) in Chicago, Ill. has awarded 10 medals in five categories to Creemore Springs Brewery at its 2013 World Beer Championships Packaging Competition.

“At Creemore Springs, we’re known for being different in everything we do,” says Creemore’s director of marketing Karen Gaudino. “Our unique beers demand a fresh spin when they’re packaged and ready for our craft beer fans. We’re so proud that our team has been acknowledged by the BTI for pushing the creative boundaries of the industry.”

The biggest winner was Creemore Springs’ case for the Creemore Collection, a mixed 12-pack which features Creemore’s Premium Lager, Traditional Pilsner and Unfiltered Kellerbier. It was named world runner-up for Best Case, with a Gold Medal in the Form Category and Silver Medals in the Graphic Design and the Style categories.

Also from Creemore, in the Tap Handle Awards, Mad & Noisy’s Hops & Bolts India Pale Lager was a triple-threat, winning Gold Medals in the Creativity, Graphic Design and Style categories. A beer this unique demanded a riveting handle that would stand out on the line.

Both Mad & Noisy brews drew attention in the Carrier Awards: Sunny & Share Citrus Saison’s eight-pack can carrier picked up a Gold Medal in the Form category and a Bronze Medal in the Creativity category, while Hops & Bolts’ eight-pack can carrier took the Silver Medal in the Form category.

Sunny & Share’s sassy yellow can also got noticed on its own, grabbing the Bronze Medal in the Creativity category for a design that truly embodies “a farmhouse ale with a peel.”

Toronto’s cleansheet developed both the Mad & Noisy and Sunny & Share brand platform and designs. Drawing inspiration from the fact that Mad & Noisy is Creemore’s experimental craft-beer series, where brewmasters came up with all kinds of interesting concoctions of beer by mixing different ingredients, with different styles of beer, and different brewing techniques, the design team developed the “&” brand platform, and used it as the central visual. The other illustrations around the ampersand denote the different characteristics of the beer.

Hops & Bolts is an India Pale Lager – an extremely hoppy/bitter beer for those who like to pound their chest and enjoy big-bold flavors, which explains the weightlifting circus gorilla with hops on either end. The gauntlet holding the copper thunder ‘bolts’ punching through the keg emphasizes the powerful taste of the beer – it’s like having a punch to the tastebuds. The ‘ring-leader’ in the middle is a nod to the experimental brew-master, who is conducting this mad & noisy orchestra around him. Double-headed metallic hydras breathing fire on the copper kettle means the beer is fire-brewed. While appealing to all beer fans, the design was particularly geared to beer-geeks and craft-beer drinkers.

The brand’s Citrus Saison was named Sunny & Share – reflecting a summer beer meant for sharing. A Belgian French beer traditionally brewed by farmers, the “saison” name is illustrated using French hens blowing French horns. A refreshing and uplifting summer beer, Saison is traditionally served in champagne bottles – thus the illustration of the two bottles in a hot-air balloon. Illustrations showcase a brew that is steeped in lemon and orange peel to enhance the natural fruity character of the style. At select locations, restaurants, and bars, Sunny & Share was available in a 600ml bottle, meant for sharing like fine wine.

Toronto’s Jump Branding & Design Inc. is Creemore’s Brewery’s packaging agency. Being one of Ontario’s original craft brewer, the Creemore Collection is inspired by the brewery, in what was the old hardware store, in the century-old village of Creemore. The packaging uses craft paper, tooled fonts, and historical colours to celebrate the enduring craft, tradition and commitment to brewing classic European styles. The Creemore Collection is a storytelling pack with each brand afforded generous space to tell their story and list their beer credentials.

Mad & Noisy’s packaging was inspired by nostalgic Barnum & Bailey circus poster; Jump imagined the ringleader and conductor bringing the illustrations to life and having them leap off of the packaging. The design utilizes an eclectic blend of Barnum & Bailey inspired headline fonts, craft paper, and a traditional circus starburst that energizes the packaging.

Never finished being innovative, keep your eyes peeled for more award-winning packaging from the Creemore Springs Brewery team, coming soon to beer stores, pubs and restaurants near you.

About Creemore Springs:
Established in 1987, Creemore Springs is one of Ontario’s original craft brewers, taking great pride to make beer the old fashioned way. Brewed in small batches, in an open flame copper kettle with its own local spring water, the finest barley malt, imported noble hops and select yeast. No additives, no preservatives, no pasteurization and no compromises. Just good old-fashioned pure, natural beer. That’s why consumers seek out our four distinct beer styles at fine establishments everywhere. The brewery is located in a century-old hardware store on the main street of the Village of Creemore, ON. Visitors are welcomed with beer tastings, brewery tours, a charming beer store and small town hospitality. For more information visit


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