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FrogPubs launches its Superhero Series of limited edition beers featuring great bottle design using pop art and comic books.

With comic book motifs becoming ever trendier and (hopefully) less nerdier, it was only a matter of time before some enterprising company found a way to create a senses-shattering niche of their own, without going SPLAT!

Featuring an eventual release of six beers, the English-style pub in France—FrogPubs—has created a visual identity for its beers that will leave you shaking your head and muttering “Holy Moley, Batman!”

Featuring exclamatory onomatopoeia brand names—words that imitate sounds—FrogPubs sought out the talents of Paris, France designers HoultonSmets agency to fuse an art style reminiscent of old-school super-hero comics with the 1960s pop-art style of legendary American artist Robert Indiana.

The result is a bam-pow-krakadoom success that has the beers shortlisted for best design to International Beer Awards Rome 2014… and perhaps even stars, as per the differing design motif on each label.


The six beer varieties from FrogPub feature names as: Ba Ba Boom!; Kapow!; Wham!; Kersplat!; Zonk!; and Thawack!

The pub is releasing the fanboy’s ultimate wobbly pops one at a time over 2014, with each variety featuring a different American hops, which will provide each beer a color and flavor all its own—some might even say its own character:

  • Ba Ba Boom! – Superhero 1, launched in January 2014, is actually a blond beer, which one might suspect could have a hidden double meaning in the name – even in its variety of Crystal hops used;
  • Kapow! – Superhero 2 – IPA, launched in April 2014 is an IPA beer which FrogPubs says has an explosive taste that hopefully won’t be as painful as a teeth-rattling punch to the jaw. It features Citra hops;
  • Wham! – Superhero 3 – an American pale ale to be launched in June 2014, featuring Cascade hops that offer a taste of grapefruit which may be the ‘wham!’ factor;

The last three beers have names that might make one pause before consuming in large amounts, but FrogPubs promises each will have a delicious flavor.

  • Kersplat! – Superhero 4 – a wheat beer with Centennial hops, to be launched in July 2014;
  • Zonk! – Superhero 5 – an American amber made with Chinook hops to be launched in August 2014;

And the final issue of this story-arc:

  • Thawack! – Superhero 6 , a black IPA to be released in September 2014, featuring the Columbus hops variety.

Will there be more? That dear reader, er, drinker, depends on you. ’nuff said.


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