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Sustainable pork production: What does it really mean?

Read commentary by ecological engineer Marty Matlock, PhD, who penned a piece for the Voice of Sustainable Pork.

April 8, 2016   by Marty Matlock, University of Arkansas, via VoSP

You can’t pick up a business or food publication these days without coming across the word sustainability. It’s the buzz word of the decade, but what exactly does it mean to pork production?

Some groups would have you believe it means shunning technology and returning to simpler times. Ecological engineer Marty Matlock, PhD, has a different view of sustainable pork, however.

“We could have 10 billion people coming for dinner by 2050 on a planet with limited resources,” says Matlock, professor at the University of Arkansas who serves as the executive director of its Office for Sustainability. To meet this goal, he says, the world pork industry needs to dramatically increase production over the next 30 to 40 years — without increasing land use.

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