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Black Fly launches bob’s SUPER SMOOTH Vodka

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Whey Vodka. Whey Smoother. A vodka like no other.

LONDON, ONT.—Ten years after receiving the first distillery license awarded in Ontario in 100 years, Black Fly Beverage Company is bringing innovation to the largest spirit category in Canada with the launch of bob’s SUPER SMOOTH Vodka.

True to its name, bob’s SUPER SMOOTH is a unique, premium whey vodka that delivers what it promises—a super smooth, silky and remarkably drinkable vodka. It rivals luxury brands in terms of quality at a tremendous and highly competitive price point.

“To craft bob’s SUPER SMOOTH, we take the highest quality distillate and blend it with Ontario spring water drawn from a source that Canadian Geographic calls ‘the purest spring water on the planet’,” explains Black Fly co-founder Rob Kelly. “The result is remarkably smooth vodka that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or rockin’ your favorite mix.”

Unlike traditional vodka that is made from potatoes, grain, or corn, bob’s SUPER SMOOTH is made from whey, and contains no grain, no lactose and no gluten. It’s triple-distilled, charcoal-filtered and has little to no burn.

In keeping with Black Fly’s focus on excellence, innovation in spirits and packaging, the bob’s SUPER SMOOTH bottle pushes the boundaries of engineering and design.

The 750-ml PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic  bottle features a unique 3D ‘Hang Smooth’ hand graphic that was created with state-of-the-art body scanning.

Its non-breakable PET bottle speaks to the preferences of today’s consumers looking for lightweight, safe-to-handle, eco-packaging that is highly recyclable with end uses for the recycled material.

“We are committed to bringing to market ultra-premium products at price points that offer tremendous value, which is a win-win for our consumers. We created bob’s SUPER SMOOTH with this mission in mind,” says Black Fly co-founder Cathy Siskind-Kelly.

Initially, bob’s SUPER SMOOTH Vodka will be available at LCBO stores throughout Ontario, but Black Fly expects to make the innovative vodka available across the country in the future. Priced at $26.95 per 750-ml bottle, bob’s SUPER SMOOTH offers vodka lovers a 40.5% alc./vol. super smooth vodka like no other; terrific value for a premium product.

Black Fly’s vision is to introduce craft-produced, quality, blended spirit beverages and evolve the ready-to-drink (RTD) category with Canadian, more natural and less sweet mixed drinks in innovative green packaging. The vision has been a huge hit with consumers. Black Fly has defied the odds of an Ontario start-up, taking market share from the world’s biggest global brands. Black Fly has already captured six per cent of the LCBO’s $240-million RTD market and expanded distribution to nine Canadian provinces, three territories and four U.S. states.

With the launch of bob’s SUPER SMOOTH Vodka, Black Fly has set its sights on making a similar splash against the competition in the spirits market.

About Black Fly:
Founded in 2005 by husband and wife Rob Kelly and Cathy Siskind-Kelly, London, Ont.-based Black Fly Beverage Company is a Canadian success story in the competitive world of beverage alcohol. Like the iconic insect after which the company is named, Black Fly continues to take a chunk out of the Canadian ready-to-drink and spirits market.
In an industry dominated by global companies, Black Fly offers quality Canadian spirit beverages in unique bottles and green packaging. In addition to its line of more than 13 mixed spirit drinks, Black Fly is entering the spirits market with its first offering—bob’s SUPER SMOOTH Vodka.
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