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PAMPs found in processed foods

Dangerous molecules known as pathogen associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) that are linked with Type-2 diabetes and more, seem to be common in processed foods.

February 12, 2016   by Canadian Packaging staff

According to researchers at the University of Leicester in the U.K., dangerous molecules known as PAMPs (pathogen associated molecular patterns) that are linked to many bad conditions in the human body such as Type-2 Diabetes, are in our foods.

While undetectable—so far—in fresh products, these scientists found that PAMPs were quite common in our processed foods thanks to many of the tested products containing a bacteria that forms PAMPs.

And while that in itself is intriguing, the researchers believe these dangerous molecules can be removed—while maintaining the product’s taste and price-point.

To find out more, check out the report written by Chris Wood and published February 10, 2016 at – click HERE.


Image credit: University of Leicester.

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