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Drinking spoiled milk—Bleeech

Smart cap monitors bacteria levels in milk meaning the days of accidentally ingesting spoiled milk may be over—unless you like that kind of thing.

July 27, 2015   by Canadian Packaging staff

Thanks to the smarties over at UC Berkeley and Taiwan’s National Chio Tung University, whenever someone asks you to taste or smell a carton of milk to determine if it’s bad, you can be spared the awful assail to the senses.

These researchers have created an inexpensive sensor that can be placed within a plastic milk cap—actually, it IS the plastic milk cap—to wordlessly determine the freshness of milk.

To top it all off, the so-called smart cap, and all of its components—see image above—are created using affordable 3D-printing—that’s the real breakthrough!

For the complete story, check out www.gizmag.comHERE.


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