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Pot helps quark make mark

New packaging pot from RPC Superfos maintains the look of the brand as brand owner takes production in-house.

July 19, 2017   by Canadian Packaging staff

A Swedish dairy producer is using the SuperLight pot from RPC Superfos to pack its new range of quark which, contrary to popular belief, isn’t what goes in the end of a bottle.

Full of healthy proteins, quark is type of fresh dairy similar to curd cheese, and is a common food product in many European cultures, as well as in Canada, according to Wikipedia. Popular amongst fitness fans and athletes, quark is made by warming sour milk until the desired degree of curdling and straining.

For its Lindahls Kvark brand of quark, brand owner Skånemejerierne chose the thermoformed polypropylene SuperLight container after deciding to stop importing from Germany and produce and pack the product in-house.

The 500g SuperLight pot is decorated by offset printing in six colors, and features different artwork for each of the 25 flavors in the Lindahls Kvark range, which includes vanilla, coconut, and strawberry, as other varieties such as low-carb lactose-free raspberry.


After swapping to their own filling line, Skånemejerierne’s quark production has become more cost-efficient with the intention of further strengthening its market position in Sweden and other European countries. Importantly for the company, the change of packaging has not affected the way customers views the Lindahls Kvark brand.

“The aim of the entire project was to maintain the same packaging standard as before, with only ourselves noticing the changes,” explains Skånemejerierne purchaser Thore Bengtsson.

He continues: ”We asked RPC Superfos to deliver the same type of pack as the one we used to import, and we got what we asked for, even within a very tight time schedule.

“We’ve had superb cooperation with RPC Superfos, who have given us the right product quality, service and support on time and according to plan.”

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