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A clear plastic can from Sonoco offers alternative to traditional metal cans that could significantly change the supermarket landscape.

HARTSVILLE, S.C.—Sonoco, one of the largest global diversified packaging companies, has introduced its new TruVue Can as an innovative alternative to the traditional metal can that has been a mainstay packaging option for more than 200 years.

The clear, retortable plastic can has the potential to revolutionize not just the canned food aisle in supermarkets, but an entire food category that has not seen significant innovation in decades and is challenged to meet the demands of a new generation of shoppers.

“With more than 47,000 products competing for attention in the average supermarket, standing out from the crowd is increasingly important,” says Sonoco president and chief executive officer Jack Sanders. “This is especially true for processed and shelf-stable foods like soups, sauces, fruits and vegetables and even wet pet foods – products traditionally sold in a metal can in the center of the store, an area which is losing share to fresh products found on the perimeter. This new solution creates multiple placement opportunities around the store, including high-traffic areas like the perimeter.”

The TruVue Can, made with Sonoco’s patented FUSION Freshlock Technology, is made of a highly-engineered, multilayer plastic substrate that allows consumers to see the product inside.


It incorporates the easy-open metal lid and metal bottom that consumers prefer on a traditional metal can.

Most importantly, TruVue is the first clear plastic can to withstand the rigors of continuous retort systems without overpressure, performing in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. In addition, the unique construction of the TruVue Can provides a more uniform heating experience, a quicker retort cycle and greater strength performance throughout the supply chain, compared to competitive formats. The package is non-BPA (BPA-NIA) for food contact.

A by-product of Sonoco’s i6 Innovation Process, the TruVue Can delivers excellent contact clarity, which in turn creates dramatic shelf impact and communicates the fresh brand image today’s shoppers are looking for. It runs on fully depreciated equipment assets used for traditional metal cans, thereby minimizing additional capital investment, while delivering a true marketing and merchandising advantage for canned food companies.

“Changing consumer demands are driving the need for innovation among premium brands promising freshness, authenticity and improved quality from simpler ingredients,” Sanders adds. “We have developed a revolutionary alternative to the traditional metal can that provides our customers the unique opportunity to reinvent their brand, without reinventing their production process.”

For technical information about the TruVue Can’s performance, visit

About Sonoco

Founded in 1899, Sonoco is a global provider of a variety of consumer packaging, industrial products, protective packaging, and displays and packaging supply chain services. With annualized net sales of approximately $5-billion, the company has 20,800 employees working in more than 330 operations in 34 countries, serving some of the world’s best known brands in some 85 nations. Sonoco is a proud member of the 2015/2016 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. For more information, visit


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