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Coke gets more sociable

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Leo Burnett agency designs a plastic bottle that needs a second plastic bottle to open - creating the need to share.

Perhaps done in a more subtle manner than 1971’s “Buy The World a Coke” jingle or the “I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing (in Perfect Harmony)” song it spawned shortly thereafter, but Coca-Cola is apparently still trying to get across the message of love, peace and harmony—now via sharing… and perhaps garnering some attention for an interesting package design to boot.

Conceived of by the Colombian arm of the Leo Burnett design agency, plastic Coca-Cola bottles now come with a twist—a friendly twist.

Calling it a way to make new friends, Leo Brunett designed a capping system that can only be opened when it is connected to another coca-cola bottle—something the agency says the joint action of two people with two-unopenable bottles of Coke will help create new friends and a thirst-quenching experience.

At the very least, needing a thirsty partner to help you out is an effective social ice-breaker.


To show off the potentially life-changing package design, Coca-Cola placed bottles of the Friendly Twist Coke bottle in an area of a university and filmed the students act momentarily confused as they tried to open up the bottles individually.

Then, working in tandem, the bottles opened and smiles abounded.

While certainly an interesting and friendly package design—kudos to the Leo Burnet Agency in Colombia—we do wonder what happens when you are the only thirsty drinker around wanting a drink at that time. We suppose one could always purchase two bottles, which would make Coca-Cola’s accountants happy.

In 2012, Coca-Cola also debuted a sharable can, which could be easily split in half. That was created by design agencies Ogilvy France and Ogilvy Asia-Pacific.

2012 Sharable Coca-Cola can(s).

2012 Sharable Coca-Cola can(s).

At least with the Friendly Twist bottles, you don’t have to share your drink—everyone gets a full share—you only have to share a smile.

While it is doubtful that this innovative bottle and capping system will see global distribution and wholesale marketing, it is still very nice to innovative techniques being developed.

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