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VIDEO: “Watch our smart conveyors run 100,000 cans per hour,” says Black Fly Beverage Co. official

Canadian Packaging   

In this video, Martin Kamil, COO and CFO of Black Fly Beverage Co., takes us on a journey along the canning line of the “largest ready-to-drink independent co-packer in Canada.”

“It’s not about price. It’s about trust,” says Kamil of his relationship with Storcan and the Blendtech pasteurizer division of Italian manufacturer TMCI Group.

“TMCI did a great job during the pandemic to deliver their machine on time and on budget,” maintains Kamil. A well functioning pasteurizer is “our main line of defence to ensure customers have a safe product to drink.”

Blendtech Sales Manager Massimo D’Ambros Rosso says, “Due to space requirements, we built with our partner Storcan a double-deck entry and exit system for our most balanced pasteurizer model, in terms of thermal and energy consumption.”

Hugo Lorquet of Storcan adds, “Running at these speeds, we needed a first-in and first-out operation with four accumulating tables… all in one production room.”

Martin Kamil concludes, “Storcan and TMCI have delivered on all the things that matter. They made our dream a reality.”

Watch “a kilometre of conveyor system” carry, speed up, stop and accumulate cans according to exacting production requirements.

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