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Trivium invests $40 million in U.S. and Brazil facilities to expand production of aluminum aerosol cans and beverage bottles

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As demand for sustainable metal packaging in the aerosol and beverage market experiences rapid growth, global metal packaging leader Trivium Packaging announces its investment in new assets at two of its manufacturing plants to substantially expand the production of aluminum impact extruded cans and bottles.

New lines will be installed in the Youngstown, Ohio, and Itupeva, Brazil facilities, adding new capabilities and significantly growing capacity in 2023.  The initiative is a direct result of long-term commitments from standing customers in the Aerosol and Beverage markets, companies that understand the potential of metal packaging and share in Trivium’s mission to protect the planet. 

“This $40M expansion of production in our Youngstown and Itupeva facilities will help us, and our customers meet the fast-growing demand in the aerosol and beverage market for infinitely recyclable cans and bottles,” said Jens Irion, Trivium’s America’s President. “Trivium’s sustainability standards play a vital role in the future of our planet, and we are incredibly grateful to have lasting partners who contribute to a circular economy by committing to the use of 100% recyclable aluminum materials.” 

“Today’s consumer cares more about the environment than ever before,” said Ryan Noward, Trivium’s Vice President, Head of Global Beverage. “Our infinitely recyclable aluminum beverage bottles provide brands a premium, differentiated option for the sustainability minded beverage consumer.”   

Trivium’s Intupeva and Youngstown facilities are two of the three Trivium facilities in The Americas that produce aerosol cans and aluminum bottles. The company also produces aerosol and beverage packaging in Europe, recently investing to expand its offering in the beverage market specifically. In recent years, Trivium has seen increased demand for its high-quality sustainable metal packaging solutions in this sector as companies come to understand the benefits of the aluminum bottle: a more premium, differentiated, convenient, and sustainable option that can be infinitely recycled. In addition to its environmental benefits, metal packaging is superior in protecting and preserving the products inside.  

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About Trivium Packaging
Trivium Packaging is a global supplier of infinitely recyclable, metal packaging for the world’s leading brands. Trivium has more than 60 locations worldwide, employs close to 8,000 people with sales of $2.7bn.


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