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See video: Seafood processor thermoforms fresh/frozen foods, retail-ready, at thousands of cases per day

Canadian Packaging   

Easy to use thermoform/vacuum pack machine solves labour-shortage issues

Frandon Seafoods in Montreal prides itself in offering retailers the best in fresh and frozen seafoods, all packed retail-ready to solve today’s labour-shortage issues.

Eric Bissonnette, General Manager, explains that his customers want their fish products “pre-packaged and ready for the shelf… frozen or fresh.”

“VC999 came up with the best package for us,” explains Bissonnette. “They supply the oxygen-transferable films for fresh fish and the fastest machine in the market, their P Series.”

Eric shows us frozen fish filets packaged trayless in films that form their own trays, and we see frozen filets packed individually and displayed in carton sleeves.

“We go to market faster now and with much more variety of packs.”

In the video, Eric demonstrates how, with a “touch of a button,” the P Series thermoform-packs fresh salmon filets with “perfect seals without air in the package. They look great on the retail shelf.” What’s more, the films supplied by VC999 offer “excellent extended shelf life — nine days for the fresh salmon” that we see packaged on the P Series.

See the video.


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