Canadian Packaging

See video: Plant-based processor converges thermoformed packs in three-to-one formation for integrated production

Canadian Packaging   

“Multivac has gone above and beyond others.”

Big Mountain Foods of Vancouver, B.C. welcomes us into their new 70,000-square-foot, allergen-free facility to view the packaging of their plant-based products, including the world’s first soy-free tofu made of Canadian fava beans.

Company vice-president Jasmine Byrne explains that packaging is a crucial part of their business.

“We chose the industry leader, Multivac Canada,” maintains Byrne, “because they offer the all-in-one solution – films, machinery, and service.”

She demonstrates the R105 thermoform machine with a unique converging conveyor that indexes packages in single file from the thermoformer through to an integrated line of metal-detection and checkweighing equipment – all provided by Multivac Canada.

Multivac Regional Sales Manager Sam Nosek describes the machine as a “workhorse” that packs up to 2,500 units an hour.

Company founder Kimberly Chamberland demonstrates the Multivac R085 as it “provides perfect seals to ensure product integrity” for their brand new soy-free tofu product. The machine packs tofu at rates of 2,000 packs per hour and offers an HMI system that stores hundreds of recipes.

Watch the video to see how meticulously all this technology performs.


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