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New Compact Eco-Lite Makes Light of U.K.'s Courtauld Commitment

March 25, 2010
by Canadian Packaging Staff

RPC Containers UKSC (UK Stock Containers) of Northampstonshire, U.K.  has created its lightest ever standard jerrycan (jug), reducing the weight of the container by a further 10 per cent.

In line with one of the major requirements of the Courtauld Commitment–a 2005 voluntary agreement between major U.K. supermarkets and the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to reduce household waste by working with companies to design out packaging waste growth and begin delivering absolute reductions in packaging waste–the new jerrycan has reduced the weight of its packaging by 13 grams than the  previous version and around 23 g lighter than many other similar container types. 

The five-litre Compact Eco-Lite jerrycan has also been granted Combination UN approval, underlying its robustness and appropriateness for a wide range of products, including various hazardous goods.

A further advantage is that the Compact Eco-Lite is available with a wadless closure and two pass print decoration.

The absence of labels and closure wad creates a mono material pack that is fully recyclable, thus further enhancing its sustainability credentials.

The Compact Eco-Lite is being produced using existing tooling. RPC’s extensive skills and long experience in blow moulding ensures an accurate spread of material throughout the container to maintain overall strength and stability.

“This is a significant development for a standard HDPE (high-density polyethylene) container,” explains David Baker, general sales manager, RPC Containers UKSC.

“We are very mindful of the need to reduce packaging weight in line with the Courtauld Commitment and the demands of today’s markets but at the same time it is equally crucial that the resulting pack is robust and fit for purpose. This is particularly vital for a jerrycan, which can have such a huge variety of uses," says Baker. 

“The Eco-Lite pack exactly matches these criteria and we are very proud of the technical skills that have enabled us to achieve this.


RPC UKSC is now working towards expanding its Eco-Lite range with the introduction of additional sizes.

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