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By Andrew Joseph, Features Editor   

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Like it says below the headline, I have a bone to pick with some packaging.

I have a 12-year-old cat named Spek that I inherited when I married my wife, and despite my allergies, I seem to be the feline’s preferred feeder. She’s barely 10-lbs, eats like a flea and probably has fleas, which explains my scratching. I also have a five-year-old chocolate lab named Buster whom I only mention because he is jealous of the cat.


Though not overly impressed by my pet’s sense of taste, I always purchase the best quality food I can afford.

For the cat, I get Science Diet Mature Cat Hairball Control from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. I know it’s a tasty product as I recently ate what I thought was a chocolate chip ice cream cone that was given to me by my son who may or may not make it to four-years-of-age. On the plus side, my cat and I have limited our coughing up of hairballs.

I’ve been purchasing this product for years, but usually in a smaller package. This time, flush with cash and giddy from flea medication, I purchased the large 4.53 kilogram (10-lb) bag with resealable zipper to keep the food fresher.

My problem is with the initial opening which affects the resealability. I am not picking on Hill’s.

When first opening the bag, you find the notch at the top and tear across. Doing so is supposed to expose a zipper that will allow you to open the bag and to reseal it. It’s an excellent idea. I just can’t work it properly.

Not once has the strip torn close enough to the zipper to give me proper access. I’ve then had to use scissors to cut closer to the zipper, which has worked.

This last time, however, my scissors and I got close enough to the zipper, but the glue holding the zipper failed meaning I now had a floppy strip of plastic in my hand with no zip left in its zipper. I also have a resealable bag that just won’t reseal.

Resealable bag has no zip.
Source: Andrew Joseph.

I have to put the cat food into several plastic resealable containers, but along with the hassle it just means the Hill’s packaging is not being utilized to its full potential. Definitely not the cat’s meow.
Somewhere trying to zip my zipper,
Andrew Joseph


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