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Caramilk bar feels the labeling pinch

Wikipedia page for Cadbury Caramilk bar edited by government sources to correct erroneous information.

February 25, 2016   by Canadian Packaging staff

Pssst… want to know the real answer to the Caramilk secret? It’s not a chocolate bar.

That undiscussed, but visible secret was exposed to greater scrutiny in a February 24, 2016 Toronto Star article, after a Wikipedia webpage devoted to the Caramilk bar was altered by government agent to fix the erroneous claim. Caramilk is manufactured in Canada by Cadbury Adams.

Wait – it’s not chocolate?

According to the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), because the Caramilk bar uses vegetable oils in its production, it can not, by definition, be called a chocolate, and is instead a ‘candy bar’.


While Cadbury was never hiding its ingredients from anyone, to be legally considered a chocolate product in Canada, it can only use cocoa butter during its production.

For the full story, written by Toronto Star staff reporter Robin Levinson King, click HERE.

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