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Chocolate-covered French Fries at McDonald’s

McDonald's Japan now offering its iconic French fries with a chocolate sauce.

January 20, 2016  By Andrew Joseph

The Makkuchokopotato or Mac Chocolate Potato is the latest offering from McDonald’s Japan, featuring its French Fries served with a dual sauce of chocolate and white chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

Atsu Hokuhoku – a Japanese phrase which Canadian Packaging believes translates to “that hot feeling you get in your mouth” – is what you get with the saltiness of the fries mixed with the surprise sweetness of the chocolate sauce.

Priced at ¥330 (CDN $4.13) for the regular serving, McDonald’s Japan like other McDonald’s around the world, offers tastes catering directly to their specific market.

Will the chocolate-covered French fries make it to a restaurant near you? Doubt it.


Still… see HERE for what’s new in North America.

The Mac Chocolate Potato makes its debut in Japan on January 26, 2016.

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