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House of 4711 unveils newest fragrance

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House of 4711 continues its high-quality reputation of scent and packaging with presentation of the classic Molanus bottle and a new cologne variation.

If there’s one thing cologne and perfume manufacturers know how to create en masse, is an ideal… one that involves a specific scent and the imagery it evokes.

It also is extremely adept at creating an image for its brand through its packaging, specifically the glass bottle, often a prized collectable or memento.

From Germany’s House of 4711 comes a new addition to its Acqua Colonia line of fragrance compositions that it says inspires the body, soul and the senses.

Available in stores from mid-March 2015, comes the new scent variant Acqua Colonia Lime & Nutmeg, a radiant composition that conjures up visions of a warm, sunny day at the beach.


Possessing a fruity, sweet tart aroma of lime, House of 4711 boldly states that it stimulates and refreshes, giving the new Lime & Nutmeg fragrance a lively zestiness, contrasting with the spicy, warm, aphrodisiac aroma of nutmeg.

The new fragrance was created by perfumer Geza Schön, the man behind the previously released Acqua Colonia Mandarine & Cardamom variant.

The bottle and outer box of the Acqua Colonia products are presented in a stylish retro-design: the traditional Molanus bottle with a beautiful, high quality relief design emphasizes the elegance and the distinctive character of the fragrances. The Molanus flacon was created by distiller Peter Heinrich Molanus in 1820.

The new variant Lime & Nutmeg harmoniously complements the existing range—the beautifully natural design of the outer box is a delicate shade of green, showcasing the fine botanical illustrations of the ingredients. A gentle contrast is formed by the lime-green label, which describes the effect of the scent in six languages.

The double green color combination was chosen because green is considered the color of life, of health and youth, and it inspires hope and soothes. Green is the color of nature and it stands for growth, healing and harmony, giving this color the unique ability to ease and prevent stress, or at least that’s the impression House  of 4711 wants the wearer to unveil.

The Acqua Colonia range uses selected natural ingredients that have a positive, mood-enhancing effect and combines these in innovative, breathtaking fragrance creations.

As well as the popular Eau de Cologne Splash & Spray in the decorative 170ml bottle, Lime & Nutmeg will also be available as an Aroma Shower Gel, Moisturizing Body Lotion and as a Refreshing Body Spray.

Other fragrance compositions in the Acqua Colonia line include: Pink Pepper & Grapefruit; Mandarin & Cardamom; Lemon and Ginger; and Blood Orange & Basil.

It’s hard to recall that we are not talking about food, and are indeed talking about colognes.

Acqua Colonia is a fascinating series of unique eaux de cologne and luxurious body care products based on a careful combination of contrasting ingredients that appeal to all the senses, are a pleasure to smell, and which stimulate and spark moments of intense well being.

The House of 4711 takes its name from the fact that the famous Original Eau de Cologne (also known as 4711) was first produced at Glockengasse No. 4711. in Cologne, Germany in the 18th century. On December 12, 2006, the perfumes and cosmetics company Mäurer & Wirtz acquired the 4711 brand from Procter & Gamble and have expanded it to a whole brand since then as The House of 4711.

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