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Government of Canada boosts economic growth through green manufacturing initiative

By The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario   


FedDev Ontario invests up to $4 million for Yves Landry Foundation to support 36 SMEs and support over 1,400 jobs across southern Ontario

Dec. 21, 2022          Mississauga, Ontario        Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario)

Canada’s manufacturing sector is on the cutting edge of innovation. With an increasing demand for green products and processes, the nature of work and skill requirements are rapidly changing across this important sector in Canada. The Government of Canada remains committed to investing in local businesses and organizations as they adapt, become more sustainable and create jobs for the future.

Today, Iqwinder Gaheer, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Malton, on behalf of the Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), announced an investment of up to $4 million for the Yves Landry Foundation (YLF) to deliver the Achieving Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence Green Initiative (AIME Green).


Through the AIME Green initiative, southern Ontario SMEs in the manufacturing sector can receive up to $100,000 to upskill and train their workforce to adopt green manufacturing solutions. Eligible SMEs will have access to tailored training programs that support the adoption of new technology, green processes or procedures or highly skilled personnel in areas that lead to green innovation or productivity improvements.

Through this project, YLF will support 36 SMEs, create 400 jobs, and maintain 1,050 jobs in the manufacturing sector across southern Ontario. For more information and to apply by March 31, 2023, visit the AIME Green webpage.


“When we invest in Canadian manufacturers and the organizations that support them, like the Yves Landry Foundation, we increase Canada’s potential and grow the economy. Today’s investment will bolster Canada’s path to be a global leader in cleaner and greener manufacturing while creating good jobs across southern Ontario.”

  • The Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

“Through today’s FedDev Ontario investment,  we are supporting 1,450 manufacturing jobs in southern Ontario, while demonstrating the Government of Canada’s commitment to take the necessary steps forward to help our communities and businesses contribute to a greener and more resilient future.”

  • Iqwinder Gaheer, Member of Parliament for Mississauga–Malton

“We are thrilled that the Federal Economic Development Agency of Southern Ontario has entrusted us with this important initiative. We have a long standing history of supporting the manufacturing sector. It is essential that SME’s manufacture products that use processes and products which reduce harmful environmental impacts, conserve energy and our precious natural resources using earth-friendly materials that are safe for employees, communities and consumers. And this can only be achieved by having a highly qualified workforce. We are very pleased the government continues to support our AIME programming.”

  • Karyn Brearley, Executive Director, Yves Landry Foundation

Quick Facts

  • Established in 1998, the Yves Landry Foundation (YLF) is a not-for-profit charitable organization established by Canada’s manufacturing and business sectors to advance technological education and skills training to address the skilled labour and technical professional shortages facing Canadian industry.
  • Previously, the YLF AIME program focused on supporting innovative Canadian manufacturers selling domestically and globally, whereas the YLF AIME global program only supported Canadian manufacturers selling globally. With previous FedDev Ontario investments of over $40 million, YLF has supported over 675 manufacturing companies which resulted in nearly 9,300 jobs created and maintained.
  • Green manufacturing is the manufacture of products that use processes which reduce harmful environmental impacts, conserve energy, and natural resources, use earth-friendly materials, are safe for employees, communities, consumers, and are economically sound.
  • Since 2015, the Government of Canada, through FedDev Ontario, has invested over $815 million in nearly 600 manufacturing projects, creating over 10,000 jobs and maintaining nearly 20,000 jobs.
  • FedDev Ontario is delivering $224 million of the Jobs and Growth Fund (JGF) to help businesses in southern Ontario and the organizations that support them to future-proof, build resiliency and prepare for growth by transitioning to a green, inclusive and competitive economy.

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