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Embracing sweet traditions this Halloween season

By Enterprise Canada   


As the witching hour approaches, Canadians are gearing up for another spooktacular Halloween filled with candy, costumes and fun. Mars Wrigley Canada – the authority on Halloween – is here to keep you in the loop with the latest Halloween trends and consumer insights. For many ghouls and goblins across Canada, 2023 will be the first time they have the chance to go door-to-door. After three years of hiatus and half-measures, Halloween is ON this year – and we think it will be the best one yet.

Canadians Love Halloween
Did you know that 63 per cent of Canadians are planning to take part in Halloween festivities this year? It’s no surprise, given that Halloween is a beloved tradition – one we’re finally able to fully re-immerse ourselves in.

About 38 per cent of Canadians will be joining the trick-or-treating fun. After all, who can resist dressing up and filling their bags with sweet treats?

Candy Is King
Whether Canadians are hosting a party or handing out candy in their neighbourhood, having enough treats available is top of mind. When it comes to purchase intent, candy is the highest followed closely by costumes and decorations. It’s all about creating the spookiest atmosphere and having the sweetest spread of goodies for their guests.

Halloween Budgets Remain Strong
Canadians are budget-conscious Halloween enthusiasts, with most planning to spend under $100 on their Halloween items. In fact, 63 per cent of them intend to spend the same amount as they did last year, while 18 per cent are willing to splurge a bit more and 19 per cent aim to cut back.

Mirroring spending (according to the Retail Council of Canada) more than 60 per cent of Canadians make their purchases in the final week before Halloween while 15.4 per cent make their purchases two weeks prior and 16 per cent begin up to four weeks ahead of Halloween. 

As Halloween 2023 fast approaches, Canadians can look forward to an array of delights, from the sweetest treats to imaginative costumes, all in the true spirit of Halloween.


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