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Zero Is Hero in Coca-Cola’s Stunning Packaging Redesign

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Product innovation comes naturally to dominant global beverage brand-owners like Coca-Cola, but even by its own lofty standards, the company’s recent launch of the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar recipe is a stunning display of creative category disruption rooted in dramatic packaging redesign.

First launched as Coke Zero in 2005 and rebranded as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in 2017, the sugar-free cola beverage has gained a remarkably loyal cult-like following across North America in recent years, but the Atlanta-based company still felt that the brand had not filled its full potential in the market.

As the company’s chief executive officer James Quincey was recently quoted, “Despite its enormous success, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar still represents a relatively small percentage.”

Scheduled for a national Canada-wide rollout next month, the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar recipe is already hailed by Coca-Cola for its “even more delicious and refreshing taste,” but it’s really the new product packaging that is sure to get the Canadian consumers talking about the reformulated product.


Developed by the London, England-based branding services experts Kenyon West, the new packaging forgoes the brand’s traditional red-and-white colour labeling scheme for a bolder red-and-black color combination that is more aligned with the darkish colour of the product itself.

According to Coca-Cola, this simplified packaging celebrates the iconic logo, beginning with the brand’s original and universally recognized red, with black Spencerian script used to signal the Zero Sugar confident brand message.

“Recognizing that tastes and preferences are always evolving, we’re focused on continuous improvement to give fans the best-tasting Coca-Cola they want—with zero sugar or calories—offered in the most iconic packaging and powered by some of our most creative, consumer-centric marketing yet,” says Rafael Prandini, category lead of Coca-Cola, North America, citing “positive” reaction from consumers in extensive taste tests.

As Prandini explains, the updated packaging design is anchored by the iconic Coca-Cola logo and red cues, further enhanced with the new ‘Now More Delicious’ product tagline.

All the reformulated Coca-Cola Zero Sugar products sold in Canada—including 222-ml and 355-ml cans, fridge packs, and 250-ml, 300-ml, 500-ml, 710-ml, one-liter and two-litre bottles—will feature the new streamlined packaging graphics.

Says Prandini: “The packaging redesign signifies a key portion of the new Coca-Cola brand design system under our ‘One Brand’ strategy, which celebrates the iconic brand logo while differentiating some of the design elements to distinguish the new Zero Sugar variety.”


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