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Vibrant New Packaging Graphics Breathe New Life into Iconic Brand

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With close to 70 years of history in Canada, the Nesquik chocolate powdered mix is an iconic brand oozing with love and nostalgia at breakfast tables from coast to coast.

To keep that unique love affair going for decades to come, the venerable Nestlé brand stalwart has recently teamed up with leading Canadian package design agency Bridgemark, a division of Glenn Davis Group Inc., to update Nesquik’s packaging for the new generation of Canadian kids and adult fans alike—reviving the fond memories of growing up with it.

The comprehensive rebranding project was part of a major revamp of the entire Nesquik brand product portfolio of chocolate and flavored syrups and powders with reformulated recipes featuring cleaner ingredients and 100-percent sustainably-sourced cocoa, along with the launch of a brand new Nesquik Vanilla Syrup flavor.

Enriched with micronutrients and containing no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, the product is aimed at the so-called ‘betweenager’ demographic that Nestlé deftly defines as “That unique in-between age when kids are too old for the little-kid things they grew up with, and too young for everything else.”


As Eryn Pasut, marketing director of Nestlé Beverages explains, “The revamped product line-up continues to provide a great-tasting and easy way to enjoy the nutritious benefits of milk and are the perfect offering for families looking to add a little feel-good-fun to their day.

“All syrups are proudly prepared-in-Canada and are now available at grocery retailers nationally,” says Pasut, citing exceptionally positive consumer feedback to the new products and packaging.

“The new packaging was designed to modernize the look and highlight key product claims, while maintaining elements that are true to Nesquik’s DNA,” Pasut told Canadian Packaging magazine.

“The brand mascot bunny, the vibrant yellow background, the sun rays, and the delicious glass of milk graphics were all re-imagined to inspire nostalgia,” Pasut explains, “while new recipe claims on-pack profile the no-artificials, iron- and vitamin-enriched, and sustainability stories.

“These key features ensure today’s parents know they can feel good about sharing Nesquick with a new generation of Nesquik drinkers, as they enjoy the same great flavors with a new recipe.”

Adds Pasut: “It was important to communicate to today’s parents, those who have fond memories of growing up with Nesquik but have lost their connection with the brand, through our new packaging.

“Those parents have higher expectations of what they’re offering their kids,” Pasut elaborates, “and they want products with cleaner ingredients, sustainable sourcing, recyclability, and a brand purpose they can stand behind.

“We’ve introduced a new ‘Wake Up Your Milk’ tagline,” Pasut points out, “and new imagery that features a top-down view of a delicious glass of Nesquik that’s in the making.

“These visuals are a nod to the fun act of mixing the product that is nostalgic to parents, and inspires a sense of independence for kids,” he states.

“Each flavour’s design features unique ingredient cues such as cocoa, strawberries and vanilla to deliver ‘no artificial colors and flavor’s messaging, and the back of pack profiles Nesquik’s sustainability story and use of 100-percent sustainably sourced cocoa.”

Pasut adds that the new also communicates and promotes new recycling initiatives, such as the launch of fully-recyclable 1.3-kg Nesquik Heavy User Pack powder canister and the recycling-ready Nesquik Syrup bottles without shrinksleeves.

“Nesquik’s newly reformulated look and recipe not only supports delicious feel-good moments,” Pasut says, “but also sustainable ones that help protect the natural environment for future generations.

“It was important when re-imagining the Nesquik product line that we stayed true to the great taste Canadians love,” Pasut concludes, “while offering the nutritional value and sustainable sourcing that Canadian families have come to expect from us.”


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