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Geosaf partners with Vipoll

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Automation Bottling All-In-One monoblock filler drinktec 2017 Geosaf ISITRON VKR-E 32-32-4K/4D all in one beverage filler Vipoll d.o.o.

Canadian company Geosaf joins with European beverage packaging machine manufacturer to launch a new technology—the first all-in-one filler for glass, cans and PET bottles.

Vipoll d.o.o., a Slovenia company specializing in equipment for the beverage and liquid-filling industries, recently debuted its new “All-In-One” monoblock filler at drinktec 2017 in Germany.

This new machine—the VISITRON VKR-E 32-32-4K/4D combines rinser/filler/capper/seamer monoblock for glass, PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and cans, and is capable of processing 9,500 cans or bottles per hour.

Suitable for carbonated and non-carbonated liquids, Vipoll is confident its new monobloc will revolutionize the industry.

Montreal firm Geosaf has recognized the immense possibilities of the VISITRON VKR-E 32-32-4K/4D, and has partnered up with Vipoll to market the machinery in North America to customers in the beverage and craft brewing industries.


The VISITRON VKR-E 32-32-4K/4D features space, time and cost-savings, with a single monoblock providing 4,000 cph/bph to 16,000 cph/bph, the machine is reliable and efficient.

Another important feature re: timesaving is that format changes between cans and bottles and vice versa, can be achieved in only 45 minutes.

The new “ALL IN ONE” filling machine is composed of various multifunctional elements that process every single container with no changeover parts. Thanks to universal grippers inside the monoblock, there is no need for change parts—with only the infeed screw/star wheel needing to be changed.

The customer can choose between manually or automatically adjustment of the vent tube on the filling head for precise pneumatic filling.
A patented servo-driven crowner/seamer adapts to any can or bottle type. Every second head of the turret is activated without any changeovers. Once the cans arrive in the seamer, the lids are pressed on the top and against the cans. After the lids are pressed, the cans only then start to rotate which offers significant savings with this no spill technique. If necessary, another possibility is to install a capping unit for the PET bottles inside the monoblock.

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