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PLC/HMI combo makes precision filling systems sing

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Automation Flexibles 2020 Hummingbird ATG Pharma Schneider Electric

When ATG Pharma needed an automation partner, they turned to Schneider-Electric.

When ATG Pharma needed an automation partner to help them bring their precision bench-top filling equipment to the next level, they turned to Schneider-Electric.

With success in emerging markets like cannabis, the company has turned its attention to the cosmetic, food and beverage markets for its filling systems for liquids and viscous products.

ATG Pharma executives unveil their 2020 Hummingbird flexible and scalable filling system that fills containers from 5- to 500-ml. “Schneider-Electric provides the automation expertise and components that include sensors, motors and HMI” say Mike Lio and Chris Sharanewych of ATG.

“Moreover, the HMI touchscreen allows us to diagnose equipment and change menu recipes for our clients remotely from our facility if need be.”


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