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See video: “Our new thermoform packaging machine delivers 70 per cent packaging cost savings,” says Ontario sausage maker

Canadian Packaging   

“Now we can package faster than we process”

Watch this video and see how Atwood Heritage gets the most out of their tandem Vemag sausage stuffer and Variovac Optimus thermoformer from Reiser, to save packaging material and labour costs while achieving unprecedented production levels.

Company President Jonathan Ropp explains, “We produce a wide range of shelf-stable sausages that don’t require refrigeration – elk, wild boar, bison, beef.”

Eric Bauman, Atwood General Manager, emphasizes, “We’ve eliminated the tremendous backlog of product we had before. Now we are looking at ways to increase capacity in sausage stuffing with our Vemag, so that we can utilize the full production capacity of the Variovac. The two machines work perfectly together.”

Eric continues, “We use a lot less packaging then we did before. Our packages have better seals, are easier to read and show the product much better than before.”

Eric also demonstrates in this video how quickly Atwood can change dies during operation from a two-stick pack to five sticks in less than 10 minutes.

Finally, Eric and Reiser sales rep Aled Bryant discuss a special Reiser value-add. Reiser provides a Food Technologist service to assist processors in fermenting, drying, recipe formulations and other processing functions.

Aled concludes, “We’re not just selling machinery.”

Watch the video to see how Atwood Heritage stuffs and packages at higher levels while reducing packaging materials and labour costs.


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