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product Automation
November 25, 2019  

Festo Canada now distributing Magswitch magnetic gripping and clamping solution

product Controls/Drives Automation
November 12, 2019  

Festo’s Simplified Motion Series – electric drives that prove less is more

product Controls/Drives Software Automation
October 2, 2019  

Festo Automation Suite: New software gets automation up and running quickly, simply

product Controls/Drives Motors Automation
October 2, 2019  

Festo’s new DGST mini-slide has smallest footprint on the market

features Motors Automation
October 1, 2019  

Fast Food for Thought

product Controls/Drives Automation
August 27, 2019  

Festo launches comprehensive inch cylinder line-up with DPRA round body series

product Controls/Drives Converting
August 12, 2019  

One tough filter regulator

product Motors Automation
July 12, 2019  

Festo’s economical servo press kit YJKP gets press-fit applications up in no time

product Controls/Drives Automation
June 14, 2019  

New locating pin with locking capability enhances safety in auto manufacturing

product Controls/Drives Software Converting
June 11, 2019  

New Festo specialty solenoid valves, coils enhance safety in petroleum, chemical operations

product Robotics Software Automation
May 21, 2019  

Festo’s OVEL vacuum generator packs a lot of capability in a tiny package

product Robotics Automation
April 24, 2019  

Get a grip!

News General
December 13, 2018  

Festo opens first global development centre, in Boston, for life science market

product Automation
December 13, 2018  

Festo’s new EFSD electric stopper delivers upfront, downstream cost saving

product Controls/Drives Automation General
May 29, 2018  

Festo’s easy-to-clean MPA-C valve terminal sets the standard in food production

News Controls/Drives General
April 11, 2018  

Festo announces new $90 million investment

product Controls/Drives Automation General
April 10, 2018  

New economical Festo ELGC/EGSC drive series ideal for lightweight applications

News Robotics Automation General
March 29, 2018  

Festo debuts bionic spider and bat

product Controls/Drives Automation Design & Innovation General
March 21, 2018  

First turnkey IoT solution

News Controls/Drives Automation General
February 23, 2018  

Festo brings Industry 4.0 know-how to Next Generation Manufacturing Canada

News Automation General
December 21, 2017  

Festo doubles revenues in the automation of automotive battery production

product Automation
November 27, 2017  

Festo’s ERMO a low-cost solution for rotating, aligning work pieces

product Controls/Drives Automation Design & Innovation
October 11, 2017  

Festo creates …-Stars

product Automation Design & Innovation
September 13, 2016  

Festo’s new compact semi-rotary drive DRVS lightest of its type

News General
July 21, 2016  

Festo and CRIQ sign an agreement to speed up Industry 4.0 initiatives in Quebec’s manufacturing sectors

product Controls/Drives Automation
June 27, 2016  

Festo’s new DFPD quarter-turn actuator covers many needs in process automation

product Controls/Drives Automation Design & Innovation General
April 18, 2016  

Design a handling system in as little as five minutes with new Festo configurator

product Controls/Drives Automation
March 22, 2016  

Festo’s new ESBF electric actuator is heavy-duty

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