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Festo’s easy-to-clean MPA-C valve terminal sets the standard in food production

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Automation General Controls/Drives Festo MPA-C valve terminal

Part of Festo's Clean Design series of products, the MPA-C valve terminal doesn't need to hidden away in a control cabinet.

MISSISSAUGA, Ont.—Today’s stringent food safety rules require production systems that are easily and thoroughly cleanable to a very high standard, yet extremely reliable.

That’s the key deliverable of Festo’s MPA-C valve terminal (see image above), the centerpiece of its Clean Design series of products for hygienically critical food production systems that get frequent, rigorous cleaning, often with corrosive agents.

With its IP69K and CRC4 class rating–the highest corrosion resistance class for Festo products–the MPA-C doesn’t have to be housed in a control cabinet, instead it can be located near the food handling area of the machine.

That flexibility gives machine and process designers additional latitude to save space, eliminating the need for a larger control panel required to protect the pneumatic valve terminal. Faster cycle times can also be realized because the compact MPA-C can be mounted close to the pneumatic actuators minimizing long tubing lengths which improves air flow performance.

From an operational standpoint, Festo’s MPA-C handles high pressure cleaning, cleaning foams or harsh operating conditions extremely well. Its ideal housing surface design ensures cleaning agents can run off, significantly reducing time and effort during wash downs. Troubleshooting is fast thanks to LEDs on the valves, and valves are easily replaceable, minimizing downtime.

The MPA-C’s manifolds are designed with large air flow channels ensuring outstanding pneumatic performance. The valve terminal boasts single, modular sub-bases for up to 32 valves or solenoid coils, NSF-H1 lubrication and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) certified materials.

It enables individualized configuration possibilities, with electrical interfaces on the front or back, with multi-pin, fieldbus or Ethernet via CTEU/CTEL with or without manual override, allowing for 1-32 pressure zones.

And it is perfectly complemented by other Clean Design products such as NPCK/PFAN tubing/fitting combinations, NEBV electrical connecting cables and DSBF or stainless steel CRDSNU cylinders. New for 2018, the MPA-C line also offers enhanced safety for exhaust air build-up when the non-return valve option is employed in exhaust ducts 3 and 5.

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Festo at a glance
Festo, the world’s leading supplier of automation technology and technical education, is deploying its products and services to meet the challenges of digitization and smart production. Established in 1925, the independent, family-owned company based in Esslingen, Germany, has been a driving force in automation for over 60 years. Some 300,000 customers worldwide in factory and process automation put their trust in the company’s pneumatic and electric drive solutions. In addition, Festo Didactic provides state-of-the-art training solutions for industrial companies and educational institutions. The Festo Group registered sales of around €3.1 billion (~CDN $47 billion) in the 2017 financial year and is represented worldwide at 250 locations with a total of 20,100 employees. About eight percent of its annual turnover is invested in research and development. Company information at

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