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Coalesce blends good looks with functionality to create package with greater brand presence on the shelf.

Tri-Star Packaging, based in Middlesex, U.K., has unveiled a dazzling new hinged hybrid pack that makes it easy for food-to-go operators to display salads, sushi and bakery products in their full glory.

The new Coalesce pack features a unique design comprising an ultra-clear hinged lid attached to a board base that can be printed internally and externally for greater brand presence and ultimate shelf impact.

The see-through rPET (recycled polyethylene terephtalate) lid creates a large viewing area for increased visibility, helping to drive impulse purchases and boost sales. Available in two sizes—500cc and 1,000cc—the Coalesce pack is perfect for salads, including wet salads, sushi and baked products such as pastries, cakes and pretzels.

Its one-piece design means the Coalesce is easy to stack and reduces packaging inventory, while an integrated tamper-evident design cuts labeling costs. Made in the U.K., the packs also offer impeccable environmental credentials. The board is produced using fibers from wood sourced only from sustainably managed forests and the lid is made from recycled/recyclable materials, adding up to a hybrid pack that is easy to separate into different recycling waste streams.


Tri-Star Packaging managing director Kevin Curran says: “We love the Coalesce pack because it ticks every possible box for food-to-go operators who like to go the extra yard to make sure their products look as good as they taste. Consumers choose what to eat with their eyes as much as their stomachs, so insisting on a pack with superb visibility that really showcases your food is a shrewd business move.

“The Coalesce is an outstanding pack with an eye-catching design that’s sure to maximize sales and guarantee repeat visits time and time again.”

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