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Energy bar uses Naturflex compostable film

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Premium energy bar uses metalized compostable packaging film.

German energy brand, Jäger und Sammler, has chosen Innovia Films’ compostable flexible material, NatureFlex as the packaging for its range of premium energy bars.

Founded earlier this year in Berlin by Janine König and Ivan Perez, Die Kraft des Urstromtals “The Force of the Glacial Valley” was set up to develop, produce and market energy food. The company name originates from the fact that Berlin is located within an ancient glacial valley that carved out the landscape many thousands of years ago.

NatureFlex was chosen for the packaging as the film begins life as a natural product – wood and breaks down in a home compost bin (or industrial compost environment) within a matter of weeks – yet also offers advantages for packing and converting such as inherent deadfold and anti-static properties, resistance to grease and oil, good barrier to gases, aromas and mineral oils and a wide heat-seal range.

Perez explains: “As our Jäger und Sammler bars are 100 percent organic, the wrapping should also have cutting edge characteristics. Innovia Films’ NatureFlex fits the bill perfectly for us.  The compostability of this film in combination with it being manufactured from renewable resources is exactly what we were looking for in our approach towards healthier food where no harm is caused to the environment.”


Jäger und Sammler energy bars are gluten-free and contain no added preservatives or flavor enhancers. They are available in three flavors—fruity (suitable for vegetarian diets), fiery (suitable for vegan diets) and hearty and combine a well-balanced mix of high nutrients with digestible carbohydrates, vitamins, essential fat and proteins. The hearty variety contains red deer jerky. It is the first energy bar in Europe to introduce dry meat suitable for paleo (extreme high-protein) diets.

NatureFlex films are certified to meet the American ASTM D6400, European EN13432 and Australian AS4736 standards for compostable packaging.

The wood-pulp is sourced from managed plantations.

The renewable bio-based content of NatureFlex films is typically 95 percent by weight of material according to ASTM D6866.

“We are delighted that our compostable film, NatureFlex, is helping meet not only our customer’s needs from a packaging perspective, but also supporting the ethos behind the creation, development and marketing of the Jäger und Sammler energy bars,” states Innovia Films sales account manager Joachim Janz.

Innovia Films is a British international manufacturer and supplier of biaxially-oriented polypropylene and cellulose films for specialty packaging, labeling, graphic arts and industrial products.

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