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WIPOTEC-OCS to Showcase Precision Checkweigher for Cans, Bottles & Vials at Pack Expo East

Company also will display ultra-compact X-ray scanner for food applications, and pharma-grade serialization unit for high-value product tracking.

February 5, 2020   Canadian Packaging

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WIPOTEC-OCS, a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision in-motion weighing and X-Ray scanning equipment, will feature a trio of quality control solutions at Pack Expo East, March 3-5 in Philadelphia, PA. At Booth #2301, the company’s lineup will include a precision high-speed checkweigher for cylindrical packaging formats, a new ultra-compact X-Ray Scanner measuring just 70cm in width, and a serialization unit offering pharma-level traceability for high-value products.

Designed for weighing challenging, often wobbly cylindrical products such as cans, bottles and vials, WIPOTEC’s HC-A-IS Checkweigher utilizes a revolving weighing system offering exemplary accuracy even at high speeds. The resulting precision helps eliminate reputation-damaging underfills or costly overfills. With a maximum throughput of 400 pieces per minute, the high-speed checkweigher easily fits into existing packaging lines. The HC-A-IS Checkweigher is available in both single and double lane versions, and features a 15” touchscreen display for easy, menu-driven operations.

For food, healthcare, and cannabis applications, WIPOTEC-OCS presents the new SC-2000 “Mini” X-Ray Scanner, which can inspect up to 400 products per minute with exceedingly few false rejects. True to its name, the SC-2000 Mini is just 700mm in width, offering outstanding process speed to footprint ratio. Highly modular for a comprehensive range of potential inspection setups, the machine features integrated conveyor technology with discharge units, and a switch cabinet can be configured separately from the measuring head. The SC-2000 Mini’s external control cabinet affords easy integration into existing production lines.

Used worldwide in major pharma applications – and an attractive option for other high-value sectors, including the burgeoning cannabis industry – WIPOTEC’s TQS-SP Serialization Unit is a user-friendly solution for applying track & trace data to individual cartons. The TQS-SP can handle up to 600 cartons per minute, with folding boxes conveyed by a specially designed, double-guided top band system that ensures stable positioning upon exiting cartoning equipment.

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