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Matthews Marking Systems Launches New Print & Apply Product Line

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The latest product line consists of 3 printer body styles

Matthews Marking Systems, a global supplier of marking and coding systems, has just launched a new line of print & apply labeling systems to their already extensive product offering, called the MPERIA® A-Series.

The latest product line consists of 3 printer body styles: the D43, T43, and the T63:

  • The D43 is the smallest system, making it easy to integrate into various production lines due to its compact footprint. It uses Direct Thermal (DT) Technology for printing which requires just one media type, simplifying use of the machine.
  • The T43 uses both DT and Thermal Transfer (TTO) for printing, providing the option for short- or long-term readability for longer storage.
  • Lastly, the T63 is the largest print & apply system in the line and is commonly used for pallet labeling. The T63 can print and apply labels up to 7”x9.5” in size; greater visibility on larger items like shrink-wrapped boxes on a pallet.

Erik Lundberg, Product Manager for the A-Series, says “The MPERIA A-Series eliminates all the complexity that surrounds traditional print & apply labeling systems. Common tasks like changing out labels and ribbons takes less than one minute thanks to a “one roller” design. Should the thermal printhead need to be replaced, the A-Series design allows for the head exchange to occur in less than 2 minutes with no technician or tools required.”

Dean Hornsby, Business Development Manager, adds “The A-Series is incredibly versatile by supporting nine different applicator modes. There isn’t a print and apply label application that the A-Series cannot handle. The same base printer can support many adaptive applicators such as the Pneumatic Tamp, eTamp, QuickTamp, Belt, Blow, and Wipe applicator. We even have a complete Pallet Labeling turnkey system that includes label validation.”


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