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Ultima Foods launches own brand of yogurt – iogo

New Canadian brand of yogurt encourages a $10 million dollar expansion to Granby, Quebec facility.

September 5, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Granby, QUE—Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, most people in Canada have been exposed to Ultima Foods‘ new iögo (pronounced yo-go) yogurt brand, launched in late August 2012 with a large and curious marketing campaign that first teased the consumer with the name of the product, and weeks later finally revealed what the product is.

Despite being yogurt experts for the past 40 years, the iögo brand is Ultima Foods first foray into creating its own brand. As such, Ultima Foods has invested $70-million and 15 months of research and development into the brand, including a $10-million expansion and upgrade of its Granby, Que. facility in order to ramp up the yogurt production it performs for other brands, from 115 million kilograms to 130 million kgs.

Made without artificial flavors, colors or gelatine, iögo yogurt comes in over 40 flavors via seven product lines: iögo, iögo 0% (fat-free yogurt with only 35 calories/100 grams), iögo Probio (probiotic yogurt with select lactose-free flavors), iögo Greko (Greek-style yogurt), iögo Nomad (drinkable yogurt), iögo Zip (yogurt in a tube) and iögo Nano (fresh cheese and drinkable yogurt for kids).

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