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Sidel Launches the Fastest Blower for Large PET Containers with EvoBLOW XL

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Sidel is demonstrating its blowing expertise by launching the ultra-fast EvoBLOW XL for large PET containers. The new machine extends Sidel’s blowing capabilities for sizes up to 10-L PET bottles and is suitable for water, edible-oil and food markets.

Leveraging over 40 years of packaging and blowing expertise, Sidel has extended its blowing range with the new EvoBLOW XL machine for large containers. With 75 per cent of parts in common with the existing EvoBLOW range, the solution builds on Sidel’s proven performance and has been designed for multiple markets. Future developments are also taking place to extend the technology to address hotfill products.

With ever-changing consumer demands, the packaging industry requires solutions that can handle larger formats while being user-friendly and ergonomic. Sidel offers more flexibility for the packaging industry by launching its new blowing machine to produce larger bottles with the highest level of production efficiency. EvoBLOW XL provides packaging quality, safety and sustainability benefits that can also be emphasised with its connectivity to the Evo-ON software suite, which supports customers to optimise production lines.

High productivity and flexible production

Available as a stand-alone or integrated combi solution, EvoBLOW XL is a versatile machine that can provide a high level of quality and extended performance for a wide range of bottle formats for up to 8 L to 10 L. It features flexible oven configurations with a wide choice of bottleneck dimensions which demonstrates its flexibility to handle many types of large bottles. The EvoBLOW XL complements Sidel’s existing complete line capabilities for large containers.

EvoBLOW XL also achieves high production efficiency with the highest market blowing outputs, up to 18,000 bottles per hour (bph) and 98 per cent proven Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The new machine has been designed to offer a high level of flexibility for customers and offers several attractive features for efficient changeovers, ensuring a user-friendly process. Equipped with an ergonomic embedded mould-handling tool, heavy mould positioning is simplified and ensures safety. Additionally, the mobile mould-storage unit provides fast and safe access to moulds close to the machine. EvoBLOW XL can also be integrated easily with other Sidel solutions such as its latest ultra-rapid changeover system Bottle Switch.

A cost-efficient and sustainable solution

As the demand for rPET continues to rise, EvoBLOW XL has been developed to manage the challenges associated with rPET grades and possesses proven process capabilities from virgin PET to up to 100 per cent rPET. Additionally, EvoBLOW XL offers lightweighting opportunities for customers which can provide significant savings on PET costs and minimise CO2 emissions.  This includes the possibility to switch from HDPE to PET large bottles to further reduce the carbon footprint. Further sustainability benefits are also achieved through the new design of blowing circuits and valves which help reduce energy consumption.

While being a sustainable solution, EvoBLOW XL also helps to be cost-effective, maintaining impressive levels of efficiency with the highest market outputs.

Best-in-class packaging quality

Sidel’s EvoBLOW XL ensures the ideal blowing process to secure an attractive bottle design with high-performance and user-friendly solutions. The machine uses an optimised process and blowing curve with its new powerful blowing circuit and valves to deliver perfect material distribution at the fastest speed with 1,500 bph per mould, while securing low blowing pressure and the highest bottle quality.

Find out more about Sidel’s EvoBLOW XL and how you can access this kind of support for your business on the Sidel website.


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