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Barilla Canada and Italian Denim Legend Parasuco Unveil New Limited-Drop Pasta-Inspired Clothing Capsule

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The Barilla x Parasuco MODA capsule honours Barilla's 145th year anniversary with a new look and new product launches

TORONTO, Sept. 1, 2023 /CNW/ – Italian food and fashion are iconic – just like Barilla, Italy’s number one brand of pasta, and respected Italian genius fashion brand, Parasuco. To pay homage to these two Italian icons, Barilla Canada teamed up with Parasuco Jeans Inc. to launch a limited-drop clothing capsule today. Titled MODA (Italian for fashion), the capsule was inspired by the rich heritage and culture of both brands and consists of a pasta-themed ball cap, T-shirt and hoodie. Each item sports the new Barilla blue, new DAL 1877 logo, and celebrates the reinvented packaging that rolled out across Canadian retailers earlier this year, just in time for Barilla’s 145th anniversary.

This collaboration is the first of its kind between the brands, and the limited-edition capsule is exclusively available through a daily ‘spin-the-wheel’ instant win contest, Sept. 1 through Sept. 18, where Canadians have the chance to win the exclusive items, along with new Barilla Tagliatelle and Pappardelle premium pasta shapes. In addition to the chance to win items from the limited-edition every day by spinning the wheel, one grand-prize winner will also receive a $1,000 Parasuco gift card, and a one-year supply of Barilla pasta.

“Barilla is thrilled to partner with Salvatore Parasuco a highly respected Italian-born designer, for this exclusive pasta-inspired premium clothing capsule,” says Gino Rulli, Vice President and General Manager of Barilla Canada. “For 145 years, Barilla has been mastering the art of premium al dente pasta, while Parasuco has rocked the art of denim fashion. Through the collaboration of our two brands, we can give Canadians a taste of two core pieces of Italian culture—food and fashion—while partnering with a company that shares similar values of craftsmanship, premium quality, and authenticity.”

Barilla’s new packaging just started rolling out across Canadian shelves earlier this year. The new look, including a new logo, celebrates the Italian heritage of Barilla DAL 1877 (since 1877) and the care it takes to produce premium-quality pasta. The brand also launched new premium pasta cuts in nests, Barilla Tagliatelle and Barilla Pappardelle, to meet growing consumer demand for restaurant-quality food at home that is also conveniently easy to measure (aim for three-to-four nests per person). This is the first time in 25 years that Barilla is updating its logo and packaging.

“In recent years, especially since the pandemic and work from home life, we have noticed an increased demand for more comfortable and casual lifestyle clothing,” says Salvatore Parasuco, President of Parasuco Jeans Inc. “We believe that the MODA capsule, created by Parasuco and Barilla, celebrates both our Italian roots, and an obsession for perfection, while giving consumers premium yet accessible items they can wear and enjoy while cooking pasta at home. We’re confident that the high quality that has always been synonymous with the Parasuco name will impress consumers lucky enough to get their hands on these unique pieces.”

Consumers can spin the contest wheel and try their luck EVERY DAY at instantly winning some of these limited-edition pieces can visit: To be inspired with pasta recipes to make at home, they can also follow along on Instagram @barillacanada and at

About the Barilla Group
Barilla is a family company, chaired by brothers Guido, Luca and Paolo Barilla. It was founded by their great-grandfather, Pietro Barilla in Parma, Italy in 1877. Now, Barilla has become Italy’s #1 brand of pasta, and one of the world’s most esteemed food companies and is recognized for its high-quality food products. With its brands – Barilla, Mulino Bianco, Pan di Stelle, Gran Cereale, Harrys, Pavesi, Wasa, Filiz, Yemina and Vesta, Misko, Voiello, Academia Barilla, First, Catelli, Lancia, Splendor, Tolerant and Pasta Evangelists – it advocates tasty, hearty, and wholesome nutrition, inspired by the Mediterranean Diet and the Italian lifestyle. When Pietro opened his store more than 145 years ago, his ultimate goal was to make good food. Today, that principle has become Barilla’s way of doing business: “Good for You, Good for the Planet,” a motto that expresses the daily commitment of over 8,700 people who work for the company, and of a supply chain that shares its values and passion for quality. “Good for You” means constantly improving the product offering by using the best quality ingredients, encouraging the adoption of healthy lifestyles, and facilitating people’s access to food. “Good for the Planet” means promoting sustainable supply chains and reducing CO2 emissions and water consumption. To learn more:; Twitter: @barillagroup; LinkedIn: Barilla Group; Instagram: @barillapeople

About Parasuco Jeans Inc.
A DENIM LEGEND, SALVATORE PARASUCO HAS ROCKED THE WORLD OF FASHION FOR THE PAST 47+ YEARS. Salvatore Parasuco left his native Italy at a very young age to settle in Montreal. In 1972, he dabbled with his first denims using his parents’ washing machine, becoming the first Jean laundry in Canada. Waging on the popularity of the washed style, he developed an innovative method that ensured that each pair of jeans would be infused with the perfect, rich indigo dye. In 1975, Salvatore Parasuco created his own label, Santana Jeans, which in turn gave birth to a whole array of denim trends. Renowned as the “Denim Legend” for revolutionizing the world of fashion with STRETCH Jeans. Parasuco became a leading figure in the industry for his innovative designs, modern fabrics, advanced technologies and his ever-growing interest in global and domestic trade. In 1998, Santana Jeans was rebranded as Parasuco Jeans, and proceeded to expand internationally. Parasuco trademarked his back-pocket stitch and developed a new logo for the brand: the chimera. Today, Salvatore Parasuco remains the driving force behind his eponymous label. He scours the globe in search of refined finishes and innovative washing techniques, fuelled by an ever-present passion and devotion to the art of denim. His collections and flawless designs continue to be at the forefront of the world of denim. To learn more:


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