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Project Change Validator protects vision systems

Matrox Imaging launches Project Change Validator to safeguard vision systems.

December 28, 2017   by Canadian Packaging staff

Matrox Imaging has released its new Project Change Validator that provides added safety to vision systems.

The easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use tool is, according to Matrox, a powerful new modification-proofing utility, designed to ensure changes made to a deployed project are not detrimental to the functioning of that project.

Available as part of the Matrox Design Assistant 5.1 flowchart-based machine vision software, Project Change Validator ensures machine vision systems uphold inspection integrity following any project updates.

Once changes are in place, the utility compares the new inspection settings and results against a defined set of reference images. This comparison forms the baseline, against which validation is performed and invalid changes or anomalies are flagged.

To try a Matrox Design Assistant 5.1 for FREE, click HERE.

For more information on Project Change Validator, click HERE.

More information on Matrox Imaging is available at

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