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Eggs in a recycled bottle

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Sustainability chcken eggs Pete and Gerry's Organics recycled plastic bottles

Made from a recycled plastic bottle, Pete & Gerry's cage-free eggs lessen farm's impact on the environment.

For the folks at Pete and Gerry’s Organics, LLC, it’s doing the little things right to make a greater impact on the environment.

On a mission to produce the best cage-free eggs, the Monroe, NH-based egg producer has got a new fresh look to protect the fresh eggs inside.

Featuring a story-telling photograph of one of the 40 family-farmers that supply eggs, the cartons are made from PETE1 (Polyethylene terephthalate) so the plastic can be recycled almost indefinitely while using very little energy, which according to the company, is actually a more environmentally-responsible choice then pulp packaging used by most egg companies in North America.

For chief executive officer Jesse LaFlamme, Pete & Gerry’s like the use of the recyclable plastic because of the presentation value, that allows the consumer to see the brown eggs.

Noting that there is often a surplus of recycled plastic soda bottles—and that soda company will not use recycled plastic from their own production because it’s not as clear as new plastic—Pete & Gerry’s became involved.

For the production of its cartons, recycled plastic is collected, washed, melted and reformed into egg cartons. According to Pete & Gerry’s, no harsh chemicals are used in the process, and there is no water or toxicity, and any excess plastic from the process is simply recycled again.

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