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Beneco Packaging’s Two CX Presses from HEIDELBERG among Highest-Performing Models Worldwide

By Heidelberg USA   

Kennesaw, Ga., July 25, 2023 – Manufacturing custom packaging for the Canadian market, Beneco Packaging strives to provide its customers with the utmost print quality, competitive pricing, and unrivaled turnaround times. The company’s highly efficient operation boasts an impressive seven die cutters and six folder gluers across its two production facilities near Toronto, Ont. To further boost its efficiency and print capacity, Beneco recently installed a new Speedmaster CX 104-7+L equipped with Prinect Inpress Control 3 from HEIDELBERG at its Coburg, Ont. location. The new press, together with Beneco’s 2018 Speedmaster CX 102, are amongst HEIDELBERG’s highest performing presses in their category worldwide.

High Performers

“We provide a unique solution to the market,” said Carol Jiang, President of Beneco Packaging. “Small companies can’t compete with us on pricing and delivery dates, and large companies can’t match our run length flexibility. Having the right equipment plays a key role in this.” Previously only equipped with a six-colour Speedmaster CX 102 with UV curing at its Scarborough, Ont. location, the company could no longer keep up with the increasing demand from its food-packaging customers. Beneco, pleased with the speed, value, and versatility of its CX 102 purchased in 2018, installed a new seven-colour CX 104 at the end of 2022 – doubling its print capacity. Thanks to its 15,000-sph running speed, the press is very cost-effective for the company’s medium to long runs and, according to Jiang, also gives the company the flexibility for short runs due to its efficient makereadies.

Equipped with HEIDELBERG’s latest autonomous Push-to-Stop technology, AutoPlate Pro, and its new operating philosophy, the HEIDELBERG User Experience (UX), Beneco’s new CX 104 ensures short makeready times and the best possible support for press operators throughout the press run. “We’re able to consistently run the press at top speed while maintaining superior print quality,” said Jiang. The run speeds and swift makereadies coupled with excellent press uptime – thanks to “minimal maintenance issues” – means Beneco’s CX 104 and its older CX 102 are rated near the top of HEIDELBERG’s highest performing CX presses worldwide. The presses’ superior performance, according to Jiang, stems from how Beneco decides to run and schedule the machines. “It’s our team and HEIDELBERG’s team working together to reduce downtime and improve productivity.” Maintaining a high level of efficiency is also key to helping the company reduce costs and enables Beneco to pass these savings onto its customers.

Beneco experiences further efficiency gains thanks to Prinect Inpress Control 3, the industry’s leading inline spectrophotometer that measures and controls colour and registers on the fly at any speed, delivering the first measurable result in less than 60 sheets. This was Beneco’s first time purchasing a press with Inpress Control, and the company made the decision to ensure it’s producing the highest-quality products for its customers. Since installation, Jiang says, “Inpress Control saves a lot of time for our pressmen, especially during the press run. They don’t have to stop the press to adjust the colour. It’s all done automatically.”

In addition to HEIDELBERG’s technology, the knowledgeable service team available in Canada plays an essential role in Beneco’s decision to continue to purchase from HEIDELBERG. “I don’t think that another press manufacturer has as good of a team,” said Jiang. “We can’t afford downtime, so it brings us peace of mind knowing they’re always making sure that we can keep our machines running.” The company also credits HEIDELBERG’s excellent installation and training process at startup as the basis for Beneco’s success with the machine. “Richard Carter’s team and our trainer, Larry St. Thomas, made this the best installation and training experience we’ve ever had,” said Jiang. “In my experience, HEIDELBERG machines do everything they’re promised to do. They’re very robust, easy to operate, and from an overall value standpoint, I think HEIDELBERG is the best choice.”

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Beneco Packaging promises to give its customers innovation, speed, quality and service. Understanding that speed and accuracy mean everything in the fast-paced manufacturing world, Beneco Packaging ensures to get its customers’ custom print packaging done – from design to delivery – on time and on budget.


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