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Important new certifications and programs for pharmaceutical and food-packaging safety announced by Beneco Packaging/

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Sets itself apart from the competition with important new standards and strict guidelines that meet internationally recognized food safety requirements

January 4, 2021: To ensure that it is in strict accordance with global food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Beneco Packaging/, a leading North American fast-run offset packaging specialist, is proud to announce a number of new certifications and initiatives that meet internationally recognized food safety requirements for its paperboard packaging clients. In December, the firm maintained its credentials and once again earned the coveted International Featured Standard (IFS) certification and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification. In addition, the woman-owned firm is IFS PACsecure certified, which incorporates a robust HACCP and GFSI program. Beneco Packaging/ is audited through SAI Global, an internationally recognized auditing company, which offers a strategic and integrated approach to standards.

All of these certifications and programs mean that Beneco Packaging/ has successfully passed a rigorous food safety auditing process and certifies that its manufacturing facility is compliant with HACCP food safety regulations.

“We are very proud of all of the important initiatives and programs we have undertaken for our customers, especially those in the pharmaceutical and food packaging markets,” says YaJun (Carol) Jiang, president of Beneco Packaging/ “These constant efforts recognize our team’s ability to provide the utmost in safety, transparency, and social responsibility. Our goal is to constantly offer our customers innovative packaging with the highest quality standards. Every product needs to be packaged in a safe container. These new certifications and initiatives provide trust in our print process for our clients and the consumer.”


IFS PACsecure certification, which is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), is one of the world’s leading food safety standards for primary and secondary packaging materials. It is a result of a joint initiative between IFS and PAC Packaging Consortium. To earn this certification, Beneco Packaging/ demonstrated that its processes and products comply with global packaging materials safety standards notably in terms of maintenance, hygiene, traceability, management commitment, and food defense. GFSI oversees the continuous improvement of food safety management systems to build trust in global food product distribution. It is based on 10 safety standards, including IFS PACsecure.

International Featured Standard (IFS) Food certification is a GFSI recognized standard for certifying the safety and quality of food products and production processes. An IFS certification demonstrates that Beneco Packaging/ has established systems suitable for ensuring food and/or product safety, and that it has considered and implemented customer specifications. Earning another IFS certificate demonstrates that Beneco Packaging/ understands the need for food safety and the stringent regulations and laws for food products, is operating at the highest quality standards, and underscores its commitment to meeting and exceeding the expectations of its customers.”

HACCP certification recognizes that a food business has developed, documented and implemented systems and procedures in accordance with HACCP. It is granted by an external certification authority that has the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake an assessment of the HACCP system or HACCP plan. By earning this designation, Beneco Packaging/ instantly demonstrates to its customers its commitment to producing safe packaging for food. To gain certification by a reputable certification provider, Beneco Packaging/ was required to undergo an audit or assessment of its food safety and HACCP policies and procedures.

Beneco Packaging/ is a leading manufacturer of fast-run package production starting at 500 pieces. The firm offers custom food packaging, incorporating unique shapes, sizes and styles to meet a food vendor’s needs. Equipped with the most high-tech printing and post-press equipment and an experienced team, its products are of the highest quality, and are developed and delivered within 15 business days (or five to 10 on rush orders). Its high level of integration in product capabilities includes in-house prepress services, plate making, UV coating, embossing, and windowing capabilities. Beneco Packaging/’s production process is extremely efficient and highly customizable making it the preferred choice for businesses across North America. Beneco Packaging/ offers its services to small business owners and large-scale corporations with some of the most competitive prices in the industry.


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