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Weber open house a success

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Weber Canada Inc. open house gave trusted and potential customers tours and live demos of their slicers and equipment

German-based company Weber Inc. has expanded its horizons to Mississauga, ON. yesterday, in the hopes of making their equipment accessible to customers in the Canadian market.

Operating since 1981, Weber—who also has a location in Kansas City—gave both trusted and potential customers tours and live demos of their slicers, arguably Weber’s most highlighted product. On display were the Slicer 305, Slicer 405, Slicer 702 and Textor 700.

In addition to the slicers, Weber employees also showed and answered customers questions about Weber’s Sharpening Devices and Durablade® Slicer Blades.

While the highlight of the open house were the demos and tour of the 12,000 square foot facility, Weber Canada Inc. Vice President Norbert Muehlich says the main objective of the open house was to ensure that customers understood that Weber is readily available to help their businesses succeed.


“The purpose of this event is to bring customers in here and show them and display that we’re committed,” Muehlich told Canadian Packaging.

“It’s not always just about the product, it’s about the home. We call it the perfect portion. We want to deliver the perfect portion to our customers, which starts with the guy cleaning the restrooms in our building to the CEO or the owner. Everybody in there has a job.”

Weber CEO Jarrod McCarroll believes that the open house allowed customers to not only see and feel who Weber is as a company, but understood that their intention is to take care of their business by providing them with high-quality equipment and products that are accessible.

“We heard from multiple customers that support and parts availability are paramount to their business and I hope that maybe they see that having a location here in Canada that’s fully operational will help change some of their minds or at least give them the confidence that we are here to support them,” says McCarroll.

“I think from our physical presence in being here, I’m hoping to see some more business and more trust from partners that we are here and committed and that we are here to stay and I also hope with some of the technologies that they’ve seen today it sparked a few ideas.”

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