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TekniPlex Healthcare to open new production facility in Madison, WI

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Two hundred thousand-sq.-ft. ISO 13485-certified production plant will significantly expand capacity of its engineered barrier products for flexible packaging in pharmaceutical, medical-device and diagnostic applications

Wayne, PA – TekniPlex Healthcare, which utilizes advanced materials-science expertise to help deliver better patient outcomes, is substantially extending its North American footprint and expanding global capacity with a new 200,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Madison, WI – the second TekniPlex Healthcare facility in the city. Scheduled to open in early 2024, the new facility will operate under the ISO 13485:2016 quality-management system, which certifies the ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

TekniPlex Healthcare’s new facility will feature sophisticated new manufacturing equipment that will significantly boost the company’s lamination capacity for a broad range of materials including PET, nylon, paper, foil, PE, EAA and ionomer, in both peelable and non-peelable structures. This will help drive shorter lead-times and ensure best in class quality. The laminate and coated products are utilized in a wide variety of applications for the medical-device, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics end markets, including flexible foil and plastic pouches, contact lens packaging, blisters and blister lidding, and sterilizable protective structures for medical devices, accessories and procedural tools.

“Our business has grown substantially across the medical-device, pharmaceutical and diagnostics sectors, and the new Wisconsin location will help TekniPlex provide our customers access to the most advanced process technology and available capacity, solidifying our industry-leading quality and delivery,” said Chris Qualters, CEO of TekniPlex Healthcare. “In addition to providing highly engineered products to ensure patient safety and outcomes, this facility also offers enhancement of our business continuity planning – a highly attractive benefit in an industry where supply risk mitigation is essential to guarantee lifesaving products are available when they are needed.”

The plant will feature new coating and lamination assets, boosting capacity for a wide range of products, including coated Tyvek® and reinforced papers. The plant also will showcase new flexographic printing capability, adding to TekniPlex’s set of solutions. The high-definition printer features fast changeover to expedite customer delivery times and creates an almost zero-waste scenario in the production environment.

All newly installed equipment will utilize the state-of-the-art technology to reduce energy consumption and process waste. Combined with a factory-wide trim waste recovery system, this will allow the plant to maximize its environmental efficiency.

About TekniPlex Healthcare

TekniPlex Healthcare utilizes advanced materials-science expertise and technologies to develop and deliver critical solutions for medical and diagnostic devices, drug delivery systems and healthcare packaging applications. With a global reach, the division’s deep understanding of the greater pharmaceuticals and medical landscape helps it produce exemplary barrier properties for drugs and precision medical devices for interventional and therapeutic procedures. TekniPlex Healthcare’s ever-evolving portfolio helps meet demands for high-leverage medicines and mission-critical healthcare products that benefit care providers and patients. For more information, visit


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