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FCC provides update on new career development program for sector

Future Leaders Canada inaugural class participants announced

April 25, 2019   Canadian Packaging

In January, The Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) announced the launch of the Future Leaders Canada program, in partnership with the National Fisheries Institute.  Future Leaders Canada curriculum will help develop emerging leaders in the Canadian seafood industry through networking, programming and unique experiences along the supply chain. This week Paul Lansbergen, FCC President, announced the participants of the inaugural class.

“Together with our friends at the National Fisheries Institute, FCC is pleased to announce the inaugural class of the Future Leaders Canada, “Lansbergen adds, “We are excited to provide this opportunity in Canada and we look forward to working with this elite group.”

The Future Leaders Canada 2019 Class includes the following seafood industry professionals: Denise Avery, Clearwater Seafoods LP; Robert Courage, BAADER Canada Ltd.; Kurtis Hayne, Marine Stewardship Council; Neil Kiqutaq, Baffin Fisheries Coalition; Amanda Luxton, MOWI Canada West; Brent McNamara, Newfound Resources Limited; and Kristopher Smith, Ocean Choice International.

“These individuals will be known as trail-blazers for Future Leader Canada. Make note of their names because this is the beginning of the next chapter of their seafood careers,” said Lansbergen.

The program will expose Future Leaders Canada participants to the various aspects of the seafood industry and facilitates opportunities for networking with classmates. The program will enhance industry knowledge and leadership skills in the areas of government relations, production, sales, marketing, and the seafood community broadly.  In addition to facility tours, students will get the opportunity to interact with different audiences that affect business decisions in the seafood industry. For example, curriculum includes opportunities to interact with parliamentarians and bureaucrats who make legislative and regulatory decisions. Students will also get a chance to learn about how customers such as retailers and restaurants operate and what influences their buying decisions.   The program consists of three three-day sessions, from May through August.   The Future Leaders Canada participants will visit Ottawa, ON, Chicago, IL, and St. Andrew, NB.  Graduates will be celebrated at the FCC Annual Conference in Ottawa, October, 2-3, 2019.

Lansbergen noted that the application period is closed but added “if a compelling candidate presents themselves in the next week or so, we will make space for them in the 2019 Class.”

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