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Armor All beauties a breath of fresh air

August 28, 2018
Canadian Packaging

Squeezed in between bitter cold Canadian winters and increasingly hot and humid summers, the fresh natural scents of spring— such as lavender, vanilla, citrus and eucalyptus—have a relatively brief window of opportunity to refresh and reinvigorate Canadians with the pleasant smells of spring-time flora.

But thanks to the innovative Armor All Essential Blends line of air fresheners from the Mississauga, Ont.-based car-care products distributor Spectrum Brands Inc., Canadian drivers can now easily spruce up the way their car interiors smell at any time of year with one of the brand’s many scent varieties packaged in vibrant colors and high-impact graphics.

Formulated to last up to 30 days, the 2.5-ml oil concentrates come in plastic round domes dome with special vent-clip attachments for instant enjoyment inside the vehicle.

Packaged in cheerfully-colored paperboard sleeves adorned with lush botanical graphics designed by Pleasantville, N.Y.-based studio LAM Design, the Essential Blends air fresheners are infused with essential oil blends of lemon bergamot, eucalyptus mint, pink grapefruit, citrus pomegranate, and vanilla lavender to offer something for
everyone, according to Spectrum Brands.

“The inspiration behind Essential Blends came from looking at the average person’s daily to-do list and thinking of how we could make those little in-between moments relaxing,” says Megan Currie, Spectrum Brands director of marketing for the Armor All product range.

“A lot of people are spending time in their cars for a good portion of their day, whether they are commuting to work or doing errands.

“We wanted to transform that daily routine into a comforting experience,” says Currie, noting that essential oils are well-known for their refreshing and restorative properties, with some touted benefits extending to relieving headaches, relaxing the mind, and even energizing the body.

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