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Anritsu to demonstrate its newest inspection and detection technology at PACK EXPO 2023, Booth #SL-6163

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The company will display its latest and most innovative product-inspection and contaminant-detection solutions for the food and pharma industries with live demonstrations at PACK EXPO, Las Vegas, NV, from Sept. 11-13, 2023.

Elk Grove Village, IL, Aug. 10, 2023: Anritsu, your preferred partner for product inspection and detection, will demonstrate its newest X-ray systems, checkweighers, metal detectors and combination systems for packaging, food, and the pharma sector. Product experts will be at hand to further elaborate on the many features and advantages of the individual systems, as well as provide application examples. Like all Anritsu systems, these new additions are supported by the fully automated QuiCCA quality-control and quality-management software, with ample data storage for all the results. The agent in Canada is Abbey Equipment Solutions.

To meet the high demands in product safety in today’s production environment, Anritsu introduced the newest addition to the XR75 product line, the DualX+ dual-energy X-ray. The DualX+ is equipped with a newly developed X-ray sensor that elevates detection capabilities when challenging applications require the highest levels of sensitivity. The high-resolution X-ray image generated by the new sensor enhances the detection performance of very fine metal and bone fragments and provides improved detection in thick products. The DualX+ helps reduce false rejects and product waste in a high-speed production environment.

Anritsu is further expanding its product offering for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries with the newest XR75 Pharma X-ray system. The Pharma X-ray helps ensure product quality, so consumers receive the correct product amounts and medication doses. It inspects thin products with consistent packaging, including capsule and tablet packs, patches, transdermal medication, and oral dissolving strips. It can verify pill counts, find deformed pills and medication, check estimated product weight, and determine if product is caught in seals. The Pharma X-ray can also perform contaminant detection simultaneously with packaging and product quality inspection, making it a valuable addition to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production lines.


A new checkweigher solution incorporates the use of a timing screw in combination with our high-performing checkweigher to provide a complete system for the weighing of small-diameter bottles typically used in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. With the integrated timing screw, this system assures proper product transfers and product spacing for the weighing platform to deliver best in class-weighing accuracy. The included integrated reject system will remove out-of-limit products from the system, all within a small footprint. The material-handling challenges that exist with these diameter bottles are fully controlled by this Anritsu solution. The system incorporates a timing-screw extension on the feed end and the outlet end designed to mount over the customers’ conveyors, ensuring smooth product transfers.

Manufacturers worldwide rely on Anritsu’s product-inspection and contaminant-detection equipment. With more inspection systems installed globally than any other provider, Anritsu offers the best combination of performance, reliability, and price. Founded in 1895, Anritsu is a billion-dollar global powerhouse based in Japan with a legacy of innovation and meticulous engineering in electronics, telecom, and testing. Our X-ray inspection systems, checkweighers, metal detectors and combos provide a superior return on investment and ensure compliance with stringent quality-control programs. With over 175,000 installations, we are a brand that is trusted to protect the safety and security of your customers. Visit Anritsu at Booth #SL-6163.


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