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CPEIA and PAC launch IntelliPACK

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New Business Network to accelerate commercialization of technologies for intelligent and active packaging.

OTTAWA and TORONTO CA, VALENCIA, U.S.—The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association and PAC, Packaging Consortium are advancing the development and adoption of new products and applications enabled with printable, organic and flexible electronics (PE) for the global packaging industry with IntelliPACK.

Europe’s Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA), which signed a strategic partnership with the CPEIA last week, is supporting the CPEIA and PAC on this program as an international partner. The National Research Council of Canada is also onboard as a supporting partner.

“Our focus at the CPEIA is to foster collaboration between the creators and integrators of PE technologies, with end users in key market verticals where we believe (PE) offers a compelling competitive advantage,” says CPEIA president and chief executive officer Peter Kallai. “With IntelliPACK, we are offering a structured program framework to kick start this process in what we consider to be one of the most promising market verticals – intelligent and active packaging.”

The packaging industry is definitely thinking outside the box to create active and intelligent packaging that can help manage inventory, maintain product freshness, monitor medication usage, enable brand protection, identify materials for re-cycling and serve as an interactive marketing platform to engage with consumers.


But these applications require electronics capable of wireless communication that can be produced in vast quantities at low cost, consume little power, are disposable, flexible and even stretchable. PE is the answer.

“IntelliPACK represents the leadership, collaboration and knowledge sharing we believe is crucial to drive progress throughout the entire packaging supply chain,” says PAC president and chief executive officer James Downham. “Intelligent packaging enabled by PE could dramatically reduce food waste during transport, retailing and at the consumer end. Brand owners will be able to engage with the consumers like never before through everyday products that are capable of wireless communication. We look forward to working with the CPEIA and its partners and members to advance this important initiative.”

Since signing a strategic partnership last spring, the CPEIA and PAC have been working together to assemble the ecosystem required to bring new PE-enabled packaging solutions to market, through webinars, workshops and conference participation.

This effort will continue through IntelliPACK, with joint research, development and commercialization activities intended to accelerate the adoption of intelligent packaging applications that have strong market pull.

“IntelliPACK is a great way for Canada’s PE and packaging industries to fill a void in the marketplace with active and intelligent packaging options that serve real needs for PAC Members that include global consumer brand owners, major retailers and our world-leading packaging industry,” states Paul Smith, chair of the CPEIA’s Board and vice-president and center manager for the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, which is also a member of PAC. “It’s a win-win for PAC and CPEIA members.”

To learn more about IntelliPACK and how to get involved as a volunteer or sponsor, visit or contact Peter Kallai via e-mail at

About the CPEIA
Established in 2014, the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA) brings together key Canadian and international players in industry, academia and government to build a strong Canadian printable and organic electronics technology sector. The Association is the united voice for the sector and implements critical development strategies to facilitate growth through networking, stimulate research and development and investment, build a strong supply chain and drive the broad adoption of printable and organic electronics by end customers in a range of Canadian industries, including intelligent packaging, aerospace and defence, automotive and industrial applications, health and wellness, intelligent documents, and consumer electronics and wearables.

About PAC
PAC, Packaging Consortium is a not-for-profit corporation, founded in 1950. PAC is North American-centric with global access. It advocates for all materials and for package neutrality through an all-inclusive, transparent and collaborative process. Its 2,200 members come from all sectors of the packaging value chain, from start of life to next life. Its networking process includes PAC webinars, seminars, conferences, competitions, facility tours, education programs, trade shows, technical work groups and social activities. From PAC NEXT, its initiative is to eliminate packaging waste, to PAC FOOD WASTE and sustainability via Blue Events Inc.


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